Sometimes Twitter is actually useful.
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Jack Thompson is so disbarred no one at Cheers knows his name. Jack Thompson is so disbarred, he has to wear boxers. More on a brilliant Twitter feed.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: this is funny but linking to twitter search results is not so great as a post since it's likely to change and not that evocative of what's great about this particular thing. -- jessamyn

A link to some Twitter search results? Wowsers.
posted by jack_mo at 6:05 AM on September 28, 2008

The actual story that sparked this.
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Brilliant? Really?
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This will definitely wendell.
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Jack Thompson is so disbarred, his MetaFilter posts are deleted before he posts them.
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Twitter is so late capitalism.
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"Jack Thompson is so disbarred it's like he fought Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse."
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For a bit more explanation, see here, from our own.
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On closer inspection, it gets worse - cthuljew quoted his own tweets in the post. A brave new form of self link?
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Jack Thompson, a controversial crusader against violence in games, will be permanently disbarred as of October 25, reports GamePolitics.

You know, there is actually some speculation that Thompson may be suffering from a touch of pre-senile dementia.

He files motions with the Florida Supreme Court that contain pictures of gay sex, swastikas and drawings of cartoon squirrels. He's sued the Florida Bar, the Florida Supreme Court and written letters to unrelated law firms around the country accusing them of distributing pornography to minors.

He really is that guy (That One Guy) who writes the long, meandering conspiracy-theory-laden Letters to the Editor in your local newspaper who, while being mentally handicapped, is still high-functioning enough to get through law school and hold down a job.
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