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SLYT: A compilation of that good ol' meme: Lucy Castillo y Javi Fesser en Peliculas Pendelton's Abuela Patadas a un Bebé series. [Warning: much baby kicking ensues. Previously.]
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I have no idea what the hell I just watched, but I loved it.
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that was so amazing.
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Wtf? I must admit to some LOLz...but that was bizarre.
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Ow! My Balls!
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“You gave an old woman a little moment of joy,” she said. “Abuelaaaaaa!!”

I squeezed her hand, then walked into the dim morning light. Behind me, a baby cried. It was the sound of the red-carding of a life.
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I know I've said this in the McCain/Obama thread a few times already, but I think both liberals and conservatives alike can agree that baby-kicking is what makes us strong as a nation, and a people.
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Well that fucking ruled.
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This is like Benny Hill except instead of Benny Hill there's that lady in a housedress and instead of a bunch of hot ladies in their underwear there's that kid. Also instead of playing a little grabass, there is kicking. Otherwise, yeah a little yakkity sax and thats it!
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I walked into a bar the other night and Yakkety Sax was playing. And I thought, okay: whatever else is going on in the world, this much is right.
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I have 30 gigs of wildly varied stuff on shuffle on my MP3 player. Last week, on the way home from work, I was listening to "This is The New Shit" by Marilyn Manson. Then Yakkety Sax came on. It made me immeasurably happy.
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i once worked in a record store, and it being a record store the staff (including mgmt) was all under 24, except for one dude in his 50s who was basically just constantly stoned and never wanted any more responsibility than to slowly stock cds where they belong and not talk to anybody. most of us never knew anything about him, besides his name which was Don. we'd talk to him and stuff. he was a funny guy. but we didn't know much about his personal life except that he played sax and had a collosal record collection which he paid more to keep in storage than he paid on his rent. whenever someone wanted something so obscure that none of us could find it, we sent them to him and he knew what they were talking about and where to find it.

so one day a guy comes in looking for yakkety sax. at the time I had no idea what he was talking about. I knew about benny hill, and if he'd said "the benny hill theme song" i'd have known what he was talking about but I would have had no idea what it was called, who it was by, nor where to find it. either way, all he said was yakkety sax. so... i sent him to Don.

less than a minute later I hear Don screaming. Top of his voice, outright flipping the fuck out at this dude. Mind you, he never yelled about anything. not once since i'd met him had he ever done more than simply nod at somebody and answer them slowly and lazily. and he's pissed the fuck off at this guy looking for yakkety sax. guy storms off in a huff. i ask Don what's up.

"Motherfucker was looking for Yakkety Sax."

... so?

"So? That song is saxophone poison! It would be like if someone wrote a song called 'Talky Bass' or some shit, and it sounded stupid and annoying but everywhere you went someone wanted to hear it all the time and they thought it was really good bass playing! fuckin' yakkety sax. that guy better not come in here again."

i didn't realize till years later that the song he was describing and the benny hill theme were one and the same. frankly, i understand him a lot more, now.
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That was awesome.
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I loved how when she kicked the kid, he flew out of his shoes. Clearly a sign of Quality Filmmaking.
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I think that might just have won the Internet.
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I think that might just have won the Internet.

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If this post doesn't garner a gold star, I'd like to provide one.
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Ah, the Fesser brothers. The single (well, double) redemption of modern Spanish humor. You can also get their surrealism in full-length film dosis in "El milagro de P. Tinto", a monumental piss take which has a similarly fervent cult following in Spain as "The Big Lebowski" has elsewhere. Some acquaintance with Spanish pop culture may be however necessary to understand parts of the movie.
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Voice over: "International critics are almost unanimous for Javi and Lucy..."
Dodging cars and bulldozer.
Movie critic: "I think it is a shame that at this time and age such a piece of shi..." KABOOOM flies the movie critic.
Voice over: "International critics are NOW unanimous for Javi and Lucy!"
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