Michael Bérubé is back blogging
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Michael Bérubé, professor of American Literature and Cultural Studies at Penn State, one of America's most dangerous professors, award winning blogger, author, and father of Jamie Bérubé, has started up his blog again. I, for one, welcome our new(ly) blogging (again) overlords. previously
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His was one of the best blogs out there. I was sad to see it go under.
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And he's blogged about the recent cognitive disability conference (which I thought looked excellent), including his discussions with Singer and McMahan. This is great. I'm extremely happy right now.
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Whenever I see someone's name linked like that now, I always assume it's an obituary thread. So I was thinking for a second there OH NO, NOT HIM TOO! But now that I've calmed down, I'm pleased to know he's blogging again. He's such a good writer. And thinker. And probably all-round guy.
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Yay, new fan here. Thanks for this post!
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Why are you even linking that David Horowitz shit?
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I find myself simultaneously glad of the news and a little weirded out that it's linked on metafilter. I did grad school at Penn State, and started reading him the way you read your cousin's livejournal. Is Bérubé really that big a name in blogging?
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"Bérubé" sure is fun to say.

Bérubé! Bérubé! Bérubé!
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"Is Bérubé really that big a name in blogging?"

Well I've been holding a bookmark for him. Glad he's back. I have also hoarded old bookmarks for Fafblog (back!), and Billmon (not yet, but there's hope.)

Bérubé's been a guest at Josh Marshall's TPMCafe place in the interim: TPM Cafe.
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jetsetsc, you know Billmon has been somewhat active on Kos, right?
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Every time he popped up on Pandagon or Crooked Timber I got so excited. I had finally broken down and bought a couple of his books because I missed his voice on the world. I'm so glad he's back.
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I have never been so taken with the guy as most here seem to be, but I find what he has to say about the bailout not impressive. Sure, he quotes a guyh who was prescient in figuring the meltdown would take place. But simply letting things go, a libertarian view, makes me shudder to think that the conservative GOP in the House wnant this and that makes it questionable when sol impressive a magazine as the The Economist does a big series on the situation and contends that the bailout must take place in one or another form. For Michael to first admit he knows nothing about economics and that site some guy whom he trusts as proof of his assertion is questionable.
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I enjoyed reading the previous incarnation of his blog, although he could get a little too self-important.
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I'll grant that Berube's blog is nifty. But surely the man's greatest contributions have been made on suitcase.
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I took an undergraduate seminar in modern American literature with him at U of I. He gave a lecture once on Canadian hockey and its' influence on modern literature. It was stimulating, to say the least. He talked for about 20 minutes about obscure hockey players, losing most of us, and then brought it back to a extended riff on Invisible Man.
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Sonny Jim, I'll vouch for him as all-around guy, and it sounds like rabbitsnake would, too.

And thank jeebus he's not dead. God. If you are going to mention someone, you should start off with "don't worry not dead or turned about to be some horrible thing you could never have imagined."
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