I want a girl just like the girl who married dear old Dad
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Some people look like celebrities. Some people look like their pets. Some people look like monkeys or Kenny Rogers or old lesbians or video game characters. But I just want someone who looks like my parent so eventually we can look more like each other. (Obviously previous stuff: here and here and here. Familiarity breeds similarity!)
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I wish I could go back and warn myself about the Carrot Top pic.
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Kenny Rogers don't look much like Kenny Rogers nowadays
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Check out the "Men who look like old lesbians" blog, go to the left side, and find the comments that were generated when the blogger added Goo-Goo Dolls frontman Johnny Reznik. It's quite entertaining. Nothing like an irrational fanbase to make my morning more interesting.
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I used to like Spy magazine's Separated At Birth? for its sheer silliness -- they'd even take the time to get the same head position and facial expression, too.
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Oh, come on. None of you will admit that of all the possible facial structures available to you during your formative years, you imprinted your sexuality upon the most obvious exemplar of otherness available to you; the parent who swaddled and held you in his or her arms. And that somehow this affected your ultimate choice of a mate.

Assuming this to be the case, I aim only to point out how perilously close you were toward latching onto almost any other sentient being within your purview, be it a friendly face on television, the odd neighbor, or even the family pet.

For those of you who opted for the family pet, you have my sympathies insofar as it is commonly recognized that such relations are nowhere close to receiving the legal benefits currently unquestioned in more traditional pairings.
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I'm never going to be able to look at Kucinich without thinking of Leisure Suit Larry ever again.
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While I'm sure its true in many cases, my girlfriend's features are very very different than my mother's. Likewise, mine have no resemblances to her father's.

However - and this goes with what twoleftfeet just said - I have noticed that I am attracted to girls with features resembling some of the daughters from the film "Fiddler on the Roof" which I watched perhaps a little too often as a kid.
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First, I look like a purse.
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First, I look like a purse.

What kind of purse?
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Throughout my life I've had different people tell me I look like Sean Penn, Ralph Fiennes, Julian Lennon or Geddy Lee. Common denominator - big shnozz.
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I dunno twoleftfeet, I'd rather get snuggly with either of these fine creatures than anyone who looks like me madre. Sounds like junko buzzword science to me, especially the shady "evolutionary reasons" for the trend.

The one about why old couples look the same is interesting though. Since partners share lives, their faces are affected by the same emotions over the years. Stuff like this makes me thank god I got divorced. I want to be a cheerful fat-faced old wrinkly drunk. Just like my pops!
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What if a person doesn't know what their opposite sex parent looks like? I don't know who my father is, or his family.

The vast majority of men I'm attracted to and/or have dated have medium to dark brown hair and pale eyes. And none of them resembled any of my maternal relatives. So who was it on telly that I saw that imprinted their looks into my tiny infant mind as sexually appealing? If it was David Brinkley, does this mean that I'm in trouble?
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I've been told I look like a mix of Willem Dafoe, Steve Buscemi, and Carrot Top. I'm not sure it was a compliment.
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I'm not married, but I do carry around pics of my knucklekids. They're the spittin' image of me.
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A Russian woman once told me I look like Nicolas II. She said it in a manner that suggested that a little cosplay might be in order, if I were willing.
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Strangely, Chromeo has a song that's Pretty much exactly about this.

also, because I am tall and thin, and have lots of curly dark hair, I get compared to pretty much every celebrity with curly hair, including, but not limited to:
-Jonas Brother
-Adrian Grenier (often referred to as "guy from entourage")
-Guy from Hot Hot Heat
-Jim Morrison

but thank GOD I don't get carrot top ever. That would be the day I cut all of my hair off.
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Yeah, I'm pretty much the polar opposite of my husband's mother. I think that might not be by accident, though.
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There must be some kind of special exception for people like me: Jewish guys who rebel by marrying blond shiksas in part BECAUSE they look absolutely nothing like their mothers.
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I always have a visceral reaction to the sight of young couples who look a-like: Ick. Couldn't actually fuck yourself but came as close as possible?
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What kind of purse?

The kind you make from a sow's ear.

I didn't just insult Sarah Palin, did I?
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