Making A Bad Movie
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It was the 80's. We were younger then, and anything seemed possible. So it all seemed part of Destiny when my very first screenplay was bought and produced; fame and fortune was surely just around the corner. HA! Fat chance.- The making of Forever Evil.
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Thanks for posting this. I'd read the story forever ago and forgotten most of it, so it'll be nice to be able to re-read it. And I see Dr. Freex posted a new review at the end of August that I didn't see, so I'll be checking that out, too.
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Of course, I had to jump straight to "the grossest scene in the whole damn movie" and yep, it's quite gross, but also funny.
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I made it as far as the script extracts... man that's some bad writing.
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Awesome post.

I can't watch most horror movies. The low budget ones with the really shitty effects are the ones that creep me out the most. Latex and kayro syrup somehow land smack dab in the middle of my uncanny valley. But... I've always wanted to make low budget horror movie with shitty effects. I know, doesn't make any sense.

Anyhow, turns out that, as I suspect, the truly horrific thing is the process of making one of these movies. Well, at least back in the day when, as noted in chapter 16:
I look back today, when I am more likely to be editing video on a non-linear computer system with an almost infinite number of audio tracks, and see us composing the sound tapestry of an entire movie using only two tracks for audio, and I am inescapably reminded of sticks, stones and flint knives.
::shudder:: ;-)
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We were younger then, and anything seemed possible.

Why set your sights so low then?
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Making a Bad Movie Retrospective.

Think how much more money I can make by writing a bad movie, and then a good website retrospective of the whole trainwreck.
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