wartime paratrooper dummies and decoys
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Burlap paradummies called Ruperts were dropped during D-Day, later depicted in the film The Longest Day. But prior to D-Day, both the British and the Germans had used straw-filled decoys in various locations. Later in the war, the U.S. tested "Oscar" but found him lacking, adopting instead the PD Dummy. posted by madamjujujive (11 comments total) 6 users marked this as a favorite
I'd name my dummy Lamont.
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German paradummies? You mean the infamous Fallschirmfälschung?
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So the English paradummies were carbon neutral compared to their American counterparts.
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there are also dummy tanks out there, though I kinda doubt they ever got dropped out of the sky. the serbs apparently used inflatable dummy tanks very effectively in the bosnian war, fooling U.S. satellites.
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In college, our student television station stunt dummy was named Jasper. Jasper got the stuffing beat out of him on a regular basis.

He never once complained, although I could have sworn I once heard him muttering something about how "this country needs another Vietnam."
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"Their contribution to the top secret paradummy development effort resulted in much better generations of paradummies to follow."

You know how it is when you idly click on a link, and suddenly read the best thing you have read all week? That always makes me happy.
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The ultimate decoy dummy paratrooper.
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After their sterling war service, stuffed shirts called Rupert went on to prominent roles in British politics, economic life and especially the media.
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Pollomacho, totally fascinating - thanks for that link!
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reminds me of the old burlap boy
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I think it's important to have dummy dummies to protect the valuable dummies from getting destroyed before they completely fulfill their role. Of course you may need some protection for them, too.
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