Because throwing neckties into the garbage is just so old school
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Maybe you've left the corporate world and its dress code behind, you've decided you're not the Avril Lavigne type after all, or you're soon to be unemployed. Whatever the reason, you've got a lot of neckties you no longer wear. What can you do with them? Well, if you still want to wear them in some form, you can make daisy pins, a wrist cuff, a belt or two, a shoulder bag, a wallet or cellphone pouch, a skirt (long or short), a dress, or thong underwear. If you want to have the best dressed dog in your suburb, you can make a dog collar or leash. If you have kids, you can make a snake or cravat cats for them, or teach them how to use old silk ties to dye eggs. If you'd rather decorate the house, you can make baskets, a photo frame, a lampshade, a new chair seat, a floor mat, some throw pillows or some cool quilts. If you want to start getting ready for Christmas, you could make a Christmas stocking, a tree skirt, or an angel. In fact, there are so many ways to make things out of old neckties there's a blog devoted to the topic. Whatever your choice, your days as a corporate peon will be memorialized. As will the peanut butter and jam sandwiches you used to have for lunch.
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FYI, First link is 404...
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2nd link in my browser is could not be found. Please check the name and try again.
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It's working for me...?
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My friend made a whole dress of neck ties. I am glad to see the fashion-recycle posts continuing.

First link is dead for me but the second works
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I've seen someone wearing the skirt of neckties, but in this set I like the necktie belt, necktie photo frame and necktie easter egg dying best. I'm going to have to try that one, since I have about 40 neckties and only wear about five of them.
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These are great, orange swan. My grandpa died in August and my grandma gave me his ties. I plan on making something out of them for all the grandkids for Christmas, and I am now so very inspired!
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First link only works if you have referers disabled.

Why do I think any conversation I have with a woman vis a vis neckties vs. thong underwear is going to end up with me being sued?

I enjoy these clothing-craft FPPs you put together, Ms. Swan.
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orange swan, your posts are delightfully enthusiastic. I love that you put together comprehensive posts about making things.

The quilts made of ties are amazingly beautiful. What a great idea. I can imagine some quilt types like this one would by great for using recycled ties.

In NYC there are street vendors who collect the ties left by businessmen in hotels, found by the hotel cleaning staff, dry clean them and resell them. Some are real beauties.

"soon to be unemployed". Ha! What a great thought that link is. Thanks for the smile. Jan 20 2009, end of an error.

First link is 404 for me, 2nd link ok
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Part of me thinks, "Goodness, how clever!", but most of me thinks, "Crikey, you craft-gits totally wrecked all those ties!". (I only have one good suit, so finding nice ties on the cheap - and actually wearing them - is the only way I can attend the unrelenting parade of weddings my friends insist on inflicting on their friends without looking like someone who only has one good suit.)
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Don't you know about the bird?
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The necktie dress was my favorite :). Neat stuff.
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without looking like someone who only has one good suit

They probably know you have only one good suit, and they're ok with it.
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What great timing -- I just got a tie windfall an hour ago.
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Some hideous tie specimens out there.

Love the daisy pins.
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God-damn I hate ties.
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This is my necktie skirt. It's not as amazing as the ones in the links, but heck... even at the thrift stores, ties are a buck apiece!

I also like to use them as handles. There's something fun about a girly handbag with a necktie for a handle...
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I'd rather wear a noose. Also: how much do I despise Avril Lavigne and the fact that everyone had to learn how to pronounce her stupid last name? Answer: a fuckload. Jesus, she sucks. She even sucks Jesus. She suuuuuuuuuuuuucks. Like a hoover. The chrome off a trailer hitch.

Goddamn, her last song was bad. It hurted me. She should have to go to Music Jail for that one.
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the first two links don't work for me either
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For those who can't view either or both the first two links, the first is of a guy who won an "ugliest tie" contest, and the second is of Avril Lavigne in a tie. So you're not missing much.
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AKA Wall Street bailout projects.
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I am LOVING the tie-upholstered light switch plate from your link, twoleftfeet! I never would have thought of using fabric on a light switch plate. Although... given how often one has to wipe finger marks off light switch plates, I'm not sure how long the fabric would last before it got all grubby and had to be replaced.
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the tie-upholstered light switch plate

Yeah, it's pretty neat. By the way, there are almost enough light switch cover projects out there to make one of your well-researched posts, orange swan. Most of these involve fairly obvious materials such as enamel, polymer clay, sealant. glitter or ordinary pictures. But you'll also find popsicle sticks, fused glass and candy.
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