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Hasil was kind of a mythic sort of figure, you know. And sometimes life is never that easy for a myth. -Dexter Romweber (the Flat Duo Jets on Hasil Atkins in the documentary MY BLUE STAR . Hubcap Hunch, No More Hotdogs. posted by nola (12 comments total) 12 users marked this as a favorite
Oh hells yeah.

(A few years ago I caught Neko Case and Romweber on the same bill, and got video. Romweber ruled, but the audience didn't get it. Romweber is a national treasure, as is Neko. Vids hosted on my slow-ass home DSL, so my apologies. Please to enjoy.)
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Thanks to Kicks Magazine I was fascinated with the Haze a few years before actually finding a record by him (that Ace Records records comp from the mid 80's). As much as I already knew about him and his sound, I still wasn't prepared for the unbridled craziness of Hasil Adkins. Thanks for the links - this looks great.

And I'll agree that Dexter Romweber is a treasure. His sincere enthusiasm for music is in every single one of those Flat Duo Jets records and live they made such a thunderous noise for just two guys.
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Wow. Thanks.

I interviewed Hasil Adkins in 2000, in the back room of a club. He was the single wildest interview I've ever done. At certain points he took the mike from the table and held it up to his mouth and just screamed into it.

At the end, I wanted him to record a show ID bumper. I wrote the text down for him and he looked at it, then claimed he couldn't read. I believed him. He improvised something brilliant, at the end of which he threatened anyone who didn't listen to my show that he would "bite their heads off."

One of a kind.
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Hey, great! Thanks, nola! Hasil was one of a kind, indeed.

And don't forget Hasil's MySpace page: five tunes to listen to there.
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Nice post. I always add a song or two of his to any Halloween mix I make.
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Oh man! I love Hasil Adkins. I remember once coming across Can't Help It Blues on the internet somewhere, without context or explanation, and just becoming fascinated with him and his music. No More Hot Dogs is one of those songs that will probably always have a place on my portable music listening device.
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Ha, I was at that "Hubcap Hunch" performance at Sleazefest '94 in Chapel Hill. His show the night before was even more hilariously insane. Cool that there's another documentary about him, and that the Sleazefest footage is making the rounds again.
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I used to buy him wine and cheeseburgers when he played at (the now legendary) Gumby's. I can't remember how many times my band opened for him, but it wasn't often enough. I'll never forget his show with GG Allin (no matter how hard I try).
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I'll never forget his show with GG Allin (no matter how hard I try).

I believe somebody has a story to tell... :)
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GG kept sticking Sure SM57 microphones up his arsehole. Something about that humid environment interfered with their inner workings.

I just remember the guitarist leaning into his mic and saying (in rather plaintive voice) "GG needs another microphone..." followed by the shouts of the Late Great Mr Kerwood (owner)... "NOT ANOTHER ONE!!!"

I also found it odd that the drummer had porn taped up all around his kit so he could masturbate between songs.
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alt link to my blue star for those of you who, like me, can't access youtube from work.
thanks for the post. love this guy. didn't know about the documentary.
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phew. sorry. i shouldn't try to do this at work. either my stealth factor sucks or my linkage is out of whack. in this instance: both! (my boss just stopped to chat w/me whilst hasil & southern culture on the skids were doing hubcap hunch. oops.)

for my blue star. and part 1 of the doc & the my blue star links back to youtube so i can't play it. damn.
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