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If you listen to BBC radio, especially in these troubled times, you may have heard consumer expert Martin Lewis (on one, two or four). His moneysavingexpert site is comprehensive and UK-centric (and regularly referenced on the green). However, the real gem is the site's huge forum, with masses of information that might be useful to just about anybody.

I was moved to post this when I was struck yesterday by just how many times I've referred to the forum recently on diverse subjects: preparing for winter, drying clothes indoors, buying a meat slicer, home made Christmas presents, playing mp3s in the car, greyhound adoption, travel insurance, getting started with veg growing, making elderflower cordial.

Impressively for such a large forum, there's also an intense sense of community, with support groups for weight loss, frugal living projects, saving strategies, pregnancy, and running, as well as more recent concerns.
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Appropriate timing considering that Martin Lewis' MoneySavingExpert was probably the most influential site in encouraging people to invest in Icesave despite the risks involved.
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And, to be fair, the UK government is backing all the deposits UK nationals made in Icesave.
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The UK House Price Crash forums are enjoying considerable schadenfreude right now over the bullish tone of the MoneySavingExpert forums. Martin Lewis had a humiliating appearance on Channel 4 News last night over his recommendations of Icesave, but said that he would not have done anything differently.
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I've had many a free meal as a result of Martin. In terms of finding stuff cheap though hotukdeals is far better. I don't make any major online purchases without checking their voucher forum.

I don't have time for the forum but I do scan his weekly newsletter and switch my credit cards around every now and then.
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MSE forums far too damn huggy for my taste.
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So, what's the legit, U.S. equivalent?
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So, what's the legit, U.S. equivalent?

Prison talk forums
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Last night's interview with Channel 4 news where Jon Snow takes Martin Lewis to task.

If "takes to task" is British slang for "rather transparently attempts sensationalism by accusing Lewis of scamming a man who, being a solicitor, really should have known better, and actually ignored important aspects of Lewis' advice, but has cerebral palsy or something so we should empathize with him," then yes.
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Double post!
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In fact I've been recommending it for a few years it seems...
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I prefer hotukdeals over moneysavingexpert. Compare and contrast their reaction to redsave:
Hot uk deals discussion
Money saving expert - "do NOT post about Redsave"
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