Uncanny Carne?
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Hot Dogs in Hot Love. Banksy is back with a gallery show in NYC featuring crazy robotic food. At least I hope these are robots.
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*sets down lawn chair. holds up 2-sided sign saying "BANKSY IS AWESOME / BANKSY SUCKS AMIRITE?" lights cigarette. pours whiskey.*
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NYT article, that I just coincidentally finished reading. Then I spent a few moments lamenting the fact that there is no earthly way I could possibly get to NYC before Halloween. Put me squarely in the BANKSY IS AWESOME camp.
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I'm right there with you, mgl. I'm at work and just literally burst out laughing at some of these pieces. Wicked and clever.
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They were doing another one of his rat murals outside my building this morning. I will have to go to that gallery show and thank him for putting a giant rat right outside my front door. It's a hell of a way to snap you out of a hangover.
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Banksy doing a gallery installation involving food? Oh, please don't go all Damien Hirst on us.

*clicks links*

Oh, good.
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I'm in the Banksy Rocks camp, though my hipster friends (who introduced me to his work in the first place) all say "meh."
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penises they look like moving penises red writhing penises oh god
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I'll be there on Saturday with my old B&W SLR.

Things like this make me happy to live in NYC :)
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pastabagel: i think that's a feature for some folks.
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NOTE TO USERS: Mefi Nabsky threads are sinkholes for editorial thought.
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So, thats where the nugget is on a chicken.
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This is good.
Creepy. Simple. Humorous. Popular. Unpretentious. Free. Easy to copy and play with in your kitchen. Unsettling. Fun. Makes you see the daily world differently.
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So many different types of Awesome. Go Banksy.
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I was fully prepared for this to be more ridiculously overrated sophomoric shite, but, no, it's actually pretty good, very funny stuff. Nice one, Banksy.
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