Retina-Searing Portraiture
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We Have Lasers!!!!!! At one point in your childhood, maybe you did too?
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If you have an awesome/tragic old school photo you'd like to share with the crowd, lasers or no, I hope you'll share. I'm going to go scan one right now...
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My favorite so far, via your FPP and Sexy People.
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No lasers, but this is my worst surviving school picture.

The former version had been pretty bad, so I signed up for re-takes, but then I forgot the date of the re-takes -- which happened to be the day student council wanted us to dress "Hawaiian." So there I am in my dad's Hawaiian shirt, my hair matted from being under a straw hat, with a look in my eye like I am just beginning to figure out that the joke will always be on me, always.

I still knew that all too well two years later, but by then I had learned to write down which day the pictures would be taken.
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The plasma lightning background is just awesome.

My worst picture is currently in one of ten unmarked boxes hiding behind christmas decorations on a high shelf in a closet, so this will have to suffice:

I completely forgot when my grade 7 picture was going to be taken, so I ended up going to school wearing a thermacolor t-shirt that day. It was purple when cold and sort of pale salmon-y pink when warm. I was called to the photographer right after gym class...

Unless you look carefully and notice the crew-neck collar, it looks like I'm shirtless and suffered a tragic childhood accident that resulted in the complete amputation of my nipples.
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Oh, man. There's one of me like this. I'll have to drop my parents a line and see if they still have it. AWESOME.
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I just checked this page out. I'm glad I didn't follow his directions. See my profile page for my drivers license picture. Use your inability to remember photo days to your advantage, I say.
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Oh man, I'm at my folk's place, so it's embarrassing photo central. Unfortunately no scanner, but I did manage to upload this one.

I'm on the left. Freshman year of high school, and I'm rocking androgynous-in-the-least-sexy-way haircut with an "ironic" camp kookamunga t-shirt (HA! I never went to that camp!), and and even MORE ironic bowling shirt (HA! My name isn't actually Maggie!).

The kid next to me is not related to me at all, but I had a bunch of teachers ask if we were siblings. I totally get why now.
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I really doubt all these laserpeople's commitment to Sparkle Motion.
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No lasers, but we do have concentric hexagons.
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My yearbook pictures were all about huge hair, dirt 'staches and thrash metal t-shirts.
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No lasers in my school pictures. Kinda explains how I turned out the way I did, I guess. (chugs another Jack & Coke and sheds a tear at deprived childhood)
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You know what is awesome? The 70s brown-rainbow. You know, the rainbow of colours that goes brown-orange-yellow-white. The brown-rainbow is a mark of style quality.
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I'm so happy someone posted this here - We Have Lasers!!!!! is my very own meme-tumblr site! I'm so proud of it and it's SO MUCH FUN to make. One problem, though, I'm running out of lasers. I need more submissions!!! Please pass it around to your friends and get me their lasers!
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For whatever reason, this reminded me that of the 300-or-so people I graduated high school with, the only two people wearing almost the exact same lighter grey suit, black shirt and black tie, with hair cut and styled almost exactly the same, and holding their heads almost the exact same way, were myself and a guy who I couldn't stand, and who couldn't stand me.

Made me laugh then, still makes me laugh now. I have no idea why.
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I've submitted it, but here's me, courtesy of my awesome parents.
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I don't really remember if there's pictures of me with lasers, but I did have the dress! Also, I kinda look like her.
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