Devils in the Details
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A luminous dragon climbing the side of a building is almost certain to be fearsome; but, when executed properly, even a sculpture of a bunny rabbit can threaten.... Gargoyles and Grotesques. (some nsfw stonework)

The story behind the Newcastle Vampire Rabbit doesn't seem to be well known....
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Something makes me think that this blog is fairly poorly researched (despite the update), as the gargoyles in the 4th entry down are only put there for the pretty cool haunted house the place puts on annually.

I'd like to nominate these guys to the list: Firefighter grotesques that used to adorn an old firehouse in Center City. They are now lost forever to history so that we can enjoy - wonder of wonders - a bigger convention center.
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the gargoyles are meant to scare of evil but a second early purpose was to act as a drainpipe.
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Dammit, and I was just getting over my debilitating fear of Bunnicula.
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Is that true about the gargoyles as drainpipes?

Also, I had no idea that the famous Notre Dame de Paris gargoyles were of such recent vintage. Thanks for an interesting post, Kronos!
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American journalist John Kelly did some very dedicated gargoyle blogging during his year in Oxford.

I enjoyed this post. Glad to see Darth Vader got a mention.
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