Climb Dance.
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Climb Dance A short (and fast) film about a Pikes Peak International Hill Climb run from 1989. (Warning: Contains a small amount of jazzy piano sandwiched around about five minutes of very loud high RPM engine revving.)
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Holy crap I've loved this clip for years. I'm surprised it's not been posted before - thanks loquacious!
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Yeah, thanks! I saw this years and years ago in some class in college.
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(Warning: ginormous flying insect gets annihilated at [2:50])
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This was awesome.
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Crazy good. Not much margin for error.
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That was awesome.......curious about two drivers with two dates listed in the this two runs spliced together? One of the drivers listed is Robby Unser and he certainly comes from racing royalty and holds the open wheel record for this race. Thanks for the post!
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I think I now have an idea of the kind of scare that Riccardo Patrese's wife got in that little Sunday drive.... (I didn't laugh too much, but I hope this is payback enough....) Neat post! Thank you!
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Climb Dance was mentioned a while back in this thread. If you like CD, then check out the other links as well.

I got to meet Ari Vatanen in 1980 when he was rallying an Escort in Canberra. My 8 year old self shook his hand and told him it was very nice to meet him. He laughed and asked me what my favourite rally car was. I told him it was a Ford Escort. He laughed again, patted me on the head then got in his car and drove off out of the service park to win another stage. He came across as a very gentle, kind man. To this day I still love rallying and all things Finnish. He is at least partially responsible.
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Hey, it's Ari Vatanen!

Did you know that he's now a member of the EU Parliament (form Finalnd)?

How did that happen?
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Great! I have driven to the top of Pikes Peak on motorcycle. Going up is way more fun than down. I believe they are paving the road to the top, and the community in Colorado Springs have since cancelled this race. Although I'm asserting both from memory so your mileage my very.
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my may
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I've heard they may pave it all the way to the top, but I never heard anything final.
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How on earth has this never been posted? Fantastic clip, I'm going to watch it for the nine thousandth time now just because.
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Jazz piano and high performance racing engine. Two of my favorite all-time sounds. Beautiful.
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It's insane. Not only are these drivers performing on gravel and dust due to the extreme weather year-round and the shifting of the mountain itself (they do tamp down the surface with a chemical seal), they fling up the side of a mountain up dozens of hairpin switchbacks at full speed, fully subject to the punishment of high altitude at 14K feet. And there are no guardrails, as the plows would rip them out of the ground when they are hidden by snow. IIRC, the occasional driving tourist did go off the edge, and there was a rusted car off the north face that had been there quite some time. The rest were subject to critical cases of white knuckles. It's such a tough trip that locals wishing to go up often rent a car to do so, so most folks around there would never buy a former rental car in Colorado Springs.

Paving's been a huge discussion in the community for many, many years -- more so since the Sierra Club expressed concerns about the environmental damage caused by leaving it gravel. It seemed that folks always expected paving the next season. The race is on schedule for July 2009.
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