February 15, 2000
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You want to know the definition of irony? Take a look at this, and notice where this video is the number one seller. I've ranted before about my local Blockbuster and Hollywood Video not carrying this title in LA, but that screenshot speaks volumes about a large group of repressed people.
posted by mathowie (3 comments total)
I understand it's pretty popular among the amish, too, but since they don't have computers or vcrs, the numbers don't really show up on Amazon. Might I suggest that you skip Blockbuster and Hollywood Video in favor of Rocket Video? It's not *that* far for you, and the selection kicks ass.
posted by CrazyUncleJoe at 11:22 PM on February 15, 2000

In NY, I believe that's available in many video stores. I didn't know LA had restrictions like that.
posted by Cavatica at 8:43 AM on February 16, 2000

We can get it here in Michigan at 'Family Video'. :]
posted by Mark at 2:38 PM on February 16, 2000

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