Ask the rabbi...about storing your ammo.
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Ask the rabbi...about storing your ammo. I love the total randomness of this, including the fact that it's all coming to you from Wisconsin, the Badger State.
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JPFO...those Gran'pa Jack pamphlets are funny as hell. Well worth the three bucks. Most people wouldn't expect one of the most "fanatical guntoting organizations" to be this, I don't think.
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i once met a JPFO here.
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Without wishing to lend credibility to an organization I know nothing about, it should be pointed out that Jewish law clearly comes out against the hunting of animals for sport; self-defense is cool.
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baruch hashem and pass the ammunition.
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"I like to keep it in the refrigerator. Keeps the powder dry and the action quicker." - Michigan Militia, Moxy Fruvous
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Check out the cheerful, almost joyful look on the rapist's face on this t-shirt design.

I'm so sick of people who hate their jobs, this guy clearly would be fun to have a pint or two with, except for the all the raping etc.
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I also like the way the mouth of the rapist is out of line with everything else, the way that his hood looks like chainmail (perhaps a social deviant wandering off from a Society for Creative Anachronism get together?), and the fact that the victim appears to have a coathanger hooked over her shoulder and going down into her dress...
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Actually, the idea of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership isn't really that random at all. Many Jews believe that the Holocaust was made possible by the disarming of the populace that occured in the wake of the Nazi Weapons Law of 1938, which made it illegal for Jews to acquire, possess, or carry weapons or ammunition.

I'm no gun nut, but I acknowledge that it might have been considerably more difficult to seize an entire populace had a significant percentage of that populace remained armed.

Similarly, I don't think the US is secretly plotting to kill off the Jews, but if I was Jewish and I learned about the Nazi Weapons Law of 1938, I'd seriously think twice about giving my assent to gun control laws.

I have to admire its sense, actually.
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