June Carter and Johnny Cash with Pete Seeger
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June Carter and Johnny Cash appear on Pete Seeger's Rainbow Quest. June reminisces about the Carter family and A.P. Carter. They all sing It Takes a Worried Man. Johnny sings As Long as the Grass Shall Grow. Finally, June sings I Am Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes.
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I'll see your Cash/Carter/Seeger and raise you a Cash/Dogg.
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This is great, thanks. I just last week watched the Pete Seeger documentary "The Power of Song", prior to that I hadn't known he had had his own show for a while...
June's story about knocking her tooth out trying to get fancy with the microphone was a crackup.
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June Carter Cash's voice is dreamy.
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These are great. KO-rea!
I was watching Letterman last week and Pete Seeger was on and even at 89 years old his song just blew me away, I had a lump in my throat. It was like part folk song, part history lesson, part Sesame Street.
I also love that part in Don't Look Back where Seeger is kind of grouchy about Dylan playing electric, wanting him to turn it down...can't find a clip of it.
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I'll see Seeger and Dogg and raise Johnny Cash covering Depeche Mode.

(Is this a no-limit Cash game?)

I wasn't familiar with the woes of the Carter family prior to this, other than what I picked up from watching Walk the Line. After reading the story of "I Am Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes" (in the sidebar info) I had to watch June sing it again like it weren't no thing. On top of the story of picking her scattered teeth off the stage in Seoul... words fail me. She's one of those women who makes you mumble "Weaker sex, my ass."
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Last night I saw Johnny Cash's America at the Indie Memphis film festival. During the (very) extended post-screening Q & A, Marshall Grant, the bassist for the Tennessee Two, said that he had seen a lot of documentaries about Cash, but that this was the best one yet. He also revealed that their first ever gig was at a church just a few blocks from where I live, which I thought was pretty cool.
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Loved watching that simple but moving video of It Takes a Worried Man. That song was a childhood favorite. Poignant to see the cigarette smoke curling up as June Carter sings. Had no idea about her, nice to see her with Pete Seeger, a culture hero of mine, and Johnny Cash.
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Great links. Many thanks, RussHy.
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