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Pseudopod - a podcast of short horror stories.
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They also do Escape Pod and Podcastle, both are often good, sometimes great, and sometimes eh, like any fantasy/SF magazine. I think they have been around for at least 3-4 years.
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Via typing 'pseudopod' into my URL bar to see what happened.
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I found this via Wil Wheaton's Twitter account yesterday. I downloaded the most recent story, but haven't listened yet because I'm behind on Jordan Jesse Go. Still, it looks pretty promising.
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I want them read by a Vincent Price clone.
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I'm a big Escape Pod fan. Psuedopod doesn't hit as often for me. I'm dimly aware of Podcastle (and it has the BEST NAME EVER for a fantasy podcast) but haven't listened.
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Yeah, Escape Pod is pretty good. Although I downloaded a huge backlog of the stories and OD'd on the guy's distinctive voice so now I find it hard to listen. Still, many are read by others, so I'm not locked out.
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They did one of my stories a couple of years ago, read by J.C. Hutchins. It was an interesting experience -- I've done lots of live readings of my own stories, but hearing someone else read it was entirely different. I've got to say, Hutchins really nailed one of the main characters -- I can't even re-read my own story without hearing those lines in his voice.
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Thanks! I live for spoken word when I drive, bike, or walk a long long way. Now if I can only keep the cap on the bottle, so to speak, until my next trip.

Senator, put the word in and perhaps Dana Gould will oblige.
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LOVE LOVE LOVE pseudopod. It's like This American Life for ghouls!

"The Price of Fear" is what you want, Senator. I've found some episodes on an old-time radio horror/thriller podcast via itunes.
People who like this sort of stuff might agree with me that podiobooks is good too. I recommend Mike Bennett's Hall of Mirrors anthology. Scott Sigler's Infected got its hooks into me as well.
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