First, we need to find out where he stands on legalizing Tickle-Torture...
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Who is the mysterious Shadow Candidate for Shadow Senator of the District of Columbia? Marx Cafe Bartender Damien Ober, kind of. Ober wrote a series of campaign ads (which can alternate between provocative, sophomoric, and simply creepy, depending on your point of view) in response to D.C.'s lack of congressional representation, and hired an actor to sit in the darkness portraying his unnamed candidate. After viewing the videos on youtube, however, the D.C. Libertarian Party has decided to give him a for-real shot at the for-fake position.
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So the green's are campaigning for statehood while the libertarians campaign as performance art?
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I'm not all that surprised. There are laughably few republicans in DC, and libertarians are an even smaller subset. The shadow senate seat (which I've never heard of until now, and I'm a product of the DCPS system) doesn't seem all that important.
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I ♥ Eleanor Holmes Norton. She is not fake but she does tv very well. That is all.
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Who was that masked man?
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The idea that a senator is going to come off of Mt.Pleasant Street is frightening.
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I wanna be elected. I'm real. I was born and raised in DC. Vote for me and I'll set your
arse free.
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This 2 party system doesn't work so as of right now, I shall create a new and better party.
A party like no other. A party with few rules. A party where people will enjoy life to the fullest.
A party that protects the common man or woman. A humane party. It shall be called :
'The Kick-Ass Party'. Members can truly tell other people how they feel and when asked what party affiliation you reply:" I'm an Ass Kicker!" and be damned proud of it.
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In related news, the dc city paper recently fired the excellent writer who broke this story, as well as most of their journalism staff. They're going to stick to promoting local music and writing dating blogs. According to the whiny coverstory about it, the change was caused by dwindling interest from brain dead readers as much as the general devolution of print media advertising and support from their owners.

Sorry for the hijack but I didn't think this warranted its own FPP and I've been bummed about it for weeks.
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The city paper needs to find better stories and make them short 'n' sweet. The Unicorn Times
was my old favorite. They'd focus on more underground stuff and less of the up and coming
yuppie establishment. I can't relate to the CP anymore. I'm a hard working blue collar guy
and I don't eat at 1 or 5 star joints. DC Space and the original Whitlow's were my haunts.
They need more stories about the urban rats that infest Chinatown and the subway stop
near the new convention center. I'd vote for anyone that will address that we need to get these hellish kids off the street.
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How do I vote for this shadow guy?
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