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The Doctor is still blundering about time in a series of new adventures featuring the most 'recent' actor to play the part on TV, Paul McGann. This past season has had the flavour of the Tom Baker stories, with strong writing and acting from some familiar faces, making the lack of visuals a real strength. Pity it's so expensive though . . .
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Withnail & Doctor Who doesn't sound quite as good. Maybe it's just me. Or I.
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So this really happened? The rumors have been so tantalizingly, consistently wrong over the years. I'm glad McGann still has the part, as I did enjoy him in the TV movie. Yes, there were massively inconsistent things in that story, but some of the inventions were reasonable and worthwhile, and I've always given the show permission to reinvent itself over the years.
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Oh. I just got it. They're on audio tape.
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A lot of the appeal of Doctor Who for me was the old-timey feel of the show, as if a radio drama had suddenly found itself on TV (especially with all the cheesy SFX). Having "audio adventures" seems like a perfect way to present The Doctor.
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