Gospel bluegrass from the Del McCoury Band
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Get Down on Your Knees, Crying Holy (Unto the Lord) with Vince Gill, and Working on a Building with Patty Loveless. Some gospel music from Del McCoury.
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What's really nice about the 1st and 3rd links especially is the chance to hear those high lonesome harmonies delivered at slower tempos than you generally get in bluegrass.

Here's Del's MySpace page: six tunes there. Be sure to check Moneyland : "...it's a money disease, it's a thing called greed..."
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I think one reason those harmonies sound so good is that they're family: his two sons Rob and Ronnie sing with him. Funny how family harmonies can sound so good. I'm remembering the Everly brothers and the Louvins.
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Patty Loveless is one of the most nuanced country singers of her generation, always in the shadow of flashier stars like Reba, but an even better singer.

Vince Gill has a beautiful voice, and is a hell of a guitar player. I've always found his styling bland, however.

Anyway, thanks for this. Good music.
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Is it possible for a hymn to be sexually arousing?

Lucinda Williams does "Get Right With God." (The visuals are lame, but the music is not. I promise.)
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Lucinda Williams does "Get Right With God." (The visuals are lame, but the music is not. I promise.)
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My God, she's channeling Leon Russell!
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God I love this music! Oh, that banjo! And guitar plucking! wonderful. Thanks. And Vince Gill is hawt but yes bland.

Gospel Bluegrass: it ain't just for theists any more!

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, with theist horses.
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Fascinating to hear this version of Working on a Building, as the version I'd heard before was Lee Patterson's almost-acappella version. Is anything known about the origins of the song? (My googling turns up nothing)
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Git it in yer soul! Great post. I love bluegrass music, especially stuff like this. I'm a huge Bill Monroe fan. Vince is good here, but I agree - some of his other music is too produced. Shame, too.

Why is it that some of the best country artists always sound more authentic live than on their studio records? Where is that heart on their releases?
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Whenever I need a quick fix I fire up http://www.bluegrassradio.org/ ...
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Del has great hair.

Also, Vince Gill wishes he were Ricky Skaggs (not a gospel tune, sorry), and neither of them can hold a candle to Doc Watson (a cappella praise music that sends a chill down my spine, plus Alison Krauss with bed-head. Rawr.).
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My father's only claim to greatness is that he's from Bakersville, NC, where Del was born. Del's album with Steve Earle, The Mountain, is highly recommended.
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I've seen Del and his boys twice. I don't like bluegrass generally, but they are awesome.
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Old partners, and two of the very best pickers in the business : Ricky Skaggs and Tony Rice.

If you aren't familiar with Tony Rice, poking around YouTube and the interwebs will lead you to some of his extraordinary flatpicking. He's got a pretty nice voice, too.
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I see angels on Aerials in leather and chrome. Dan Smith and I loaded two of these (Vincents) on a truck last summer in Pickerington Ohio. Now that my friend was a religious experience.
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I may be an atheist, but I will always wanna hear the sounds of Zion coming from the land of endless spring. Thanks for this.
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Another great Del McCoury band tune: All Aboard, which I first heard on the radio show Mountain Stage.
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