Internet bypasses censorship
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Internet bypasses censorship of school paper, when students prevented from publishing multi-article feature on school violence [ChiTrib: free reg] put it online at Geocities. Was the issue too provocative for a school paper that must answer to parents? Is the internet "safety valve" a realistic solution for these all-too-common disputes?
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this is what the soul of the net is about.

people being able to speak their opinions in a well thought out manner without fear of censorship.

AND, it looks good too.
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when i wrote for my high school paper we dealt with administrative censorship every month of publication. even with threats of our funding being cut our advisor somehow let us publish whatever we wanted and took the flack for it after publication. our paper strove to write the kind of stories the other schools didnt even think of publishing. we probably took advantage of our advisor's permissiveness in our center spread, blaring, illustrated features on gay marriage, STD's, gun control, christian brainwashing, inter-school administrative scandal, and the like. as a high schooler you learn to deal with the inherent lack of rights you have, their internet publication is exactly what needs to be done. we would circulate photocopied articles whenever we were censored. you cant silence a student press!
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What could be funnier than a school system afraid of showing violence in a society that seems incapable of passing any meaningful gun laws?
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That is SO cool! Amazing revolution in free speech.

When I was in high school--Suffern High School, Class of '81, the adminstration was viewed as fairly authoritarian
Occassionally, kids--me included--would type stuff up--artwork, satire, and covertly print it out on ditto machines (photocopying was still too expensive and exotic). But that was is for free speech.

Drudge (ick, I know) featured a New Jersey high school student who had set up a website to criticize the administration; does anyone know of the link?

Suffern High School anyone?
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What could be funnier than a school system afraid of showing violence in a society that seems incapable of passing any meaningful gun laws?

Grrrrrrrrr. Can we please not turn this into yet another fucking gun control thread? Pretty please?
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Maybe we'll get lucky and squeeze some capital punishment discussion in here too.
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How come no one has insulted the president yet?
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can we also ignore the exploitation of ron jeremy in this thread was well?!?
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I heard that wanker Dubya endorses execution of death row prisoners by a gun-totin' Ron Jeremy working at minimum wage.
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