WWIII is upon us!
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The warm and fuzzy one, not the end of civilization as we know it. For the third year in a row, a whole gaggle of artists have donated original art for a silent auction to benefit domestic violence shelters and a crisis line in Portland, OR and Fleminton, NJ. One (prolific and admittedly talented) guy's obsession turned to good.

The art varies widely in style and inspiration, but is almost universally interesting to see, if only to marvel (yes, you geeks, I know WW is a DC property) at how different people visualize the same character.
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Amateur mistake... see, that post title that's only on THIS page was supposed to set up the first line of the post, which is all that appears on the front page. Gaah.
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Wow, that's some gorgeous artwork right there! And they got some really amazing names, too! Great find, yiftach, I wish I had money for some of these!
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Hee, my friend Glen's art is in there! (Looks like he was a bit too busy to do more than a pencil sketch this year, though.)
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I can see Excalibur Comics from my house. This means I am qualified to be DC CEO, right?
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Seems if this girl wants to stay in the advocacy field, she may want to move to Portland.
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