Toilet Paper: More Than Just Something To Wipe With
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This post is all about toilet paper, such as its history, toilet paper art, toilet paper facts, and toilet paper commercials. There's even links to toilet paper museums, detailed facts and scans of toilet paper from Germany and alternatives to toilet paper (both physical and virtual), which is great since finding ways to reduce your toilet paper consumption might just help save the planet or, at the very least, solve The Toilet Paper Problem.
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There are going to be lots of abstract toilet paper art installations across American neighborhoods in about ten days.
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Eskimos used handfuls of snow??? (From the first link)


There simply has to be a great joke here, but it eludes me. I'll just be flabbergasted quietly.
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Handfuls of snow are plentiful in some areas, cheap and extraordinarily refreshing. I highly recommend it.
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The best squat toilet converter I've seen online, the Lillipad.
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Eskimos used handfuls of snow???


Cat using toilet & toilet paper

Here is Chuck Norris toilet paper
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I'm pretty sure it would be impossible to reduce my toilet paper consumption.
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From the 2nd link:

"The pentagon uses, on average, about 666 rolls of toilet paper every day."
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Note to self: never eat brown snow.
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From your museums link, toilet paper samples from a trip in 1959 and autographs collected on toilet paper.
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A trip to Thailand turned me on to "the hose". This is a sprayer hose that is clipped on to the side of the toilet to wash one's self after The Act. I installed one at my house and watched my TP consumption drop by A Lot.
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The use of the word "Eskimo" makes me question the quality of the source. (First link.) That's an insulting term. The peoples of the Canadian north are the Dene, the Inuit, and the Innu. "Eskimo" usually refers to the Inuit, and it means "raw meat eaters" in Algonquian. I'm not sure why people still use this term.

Back to the toilet paper talk.
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This was bizarrely fascinating :)
Hildegarde -- the first link looks like a college paper to me. From the page: "Speaking of which, just where are those tuition dollars of ours going? For the expense of one class, you would think that UST administration could work something out to provide a little more comfort than that of the paper found in our notebooks we take notes on during class." I guess that would explain the use of the word Eskimo.

The bibliography is a bit shaky, but it does lead to a great time waster site:
Useless Information: stuff you never needed to know about but your life would be incomplete without. The site is rather goofy but does provide references to books and sites for more info for some crazy stuff!
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George Costanza approves.
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The Bathroom Survey.
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