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Flow of Time is a BBC documentary that "tries to explain time and covers the different ways we have used to understand Time, religion, mathematics, relativity, and quantum mechanics." Part 1, 2, 3, 4 posted by nola (10 comments total) 57 users marked this as a favorite
I just hope we don't end up talking about God again.
posted by philip-random at 8:41 PM on October 21, 2008

This has the makings of an awesome post.
posted by oddman at 9:27 PM on October 21, 2008

Heyyyy... I favorited this post like, three days ago!
posted by not_on_display at 10:29 PM on October 21, 2008 [2 favorites]

It is useful to have some things happen at once. Nature allows laughs and kisses and orgasms and dinners to be simultaneous.
But not everything. There's a list somewhere.
posted by weapons-grade pandemonium at 10:56 PM on October 21, 2008

Great post nola. Science, history and footage of gorgeous Durham Cathedral.
posted by Abiezer at 12:43 AM on October 22, 2008

Any mention of how to get through the 'Time and Place' world in Braid? One level has me a bit stuck.
posted by Ritchie at 2:39 AM on October 22, 2008

I am going to watch the hell out of this once I have the time.
posted by Eideteker at 7:51 AM on October 22, 2008

See this is why I wish I didn't favorite quite so much on mefi.
posted by jeffburdges at 7:55 AM on October 23, 2008

Did anyone else find this extremely uplifting?
posted by Alex404 at 6:49 PM on October 23, 2008

Uplifting? I'd say reassuring. Good to know that the frontiers of physics continue to be defined by a rather large "?". I liken it to the occasional reports we get along the lines of, "This just in, Universe a gazillion times bigger than currently thought." Always leaves me feeling a little more free for some reason.
posted by philip-random at 7:14 PM on October 24, 2008

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