Crafting for Change!
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As the U.S. election approaches, you're getting fidgety. You've donated, you've volunteered for your candidate's campaign, but you've still got time on your hands for election-themed activities. What to do? Well, you could make some snazzy Obama or McCain earrings to wear to the polls on decision day. You could make presidential candidate finger puppets out of yarn, paper, or felt and re-enact the debates. You could knit a party animal so as to have something to snuggle up to at night when you wake from nightmares of stolen elections. You could decorate some oranges. Slate has a slideshow of political craft ideas, my favourite of which is probably the Homeland Security Quilt. For more ideas, check out the Obama Craft Project, where crafters are crafting for change and fundraising. There you'll find everything from Obamaware to a cool Yes We Can scarf, to a cross-stitch portrait, to a cozy Obama cap. Lest you think I'm being too partisan here, I'll say I did search for Republican-oriented crafts and there just didn't seem to be many. It seems Obama's got the crafting demographic, um, all sewn up.
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Oh, and this didn't quite seem to fit into my crafting theme, but I LOVE this photo composite of Obama.
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Wow, what memories that quilt holds. There hasn't been a color coded terror alert for SO long now. And here we are in election season?

It's like these guys aren't even trying anymore.
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Field dressing a moose is a craft.
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Or you could act like Sarah Palin and wear a vote Democrat scarf.
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What to do? Well, you could make some snazzy Obama or McCain earrings to wear to the polls on decision day.

I was told that if you wear anything that represents an affiliation to a political party on the way to the polls you will be turned away and will not be allowed to vote. Can anybody confirm whether this is true?
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What, no Robot Nixon crafts?!
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I posted this in another thread but here it is again: Build -O- Bama paper toy.
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Those "good luck oranges" are HUGE! Look at the size of the man's shoes next to them?

And I'd like to know how they bring luck if you eat them in a week. What if I eat it too soon? Or too late? What if I juice it? I have to know! The fate of the election could be in my hands (if I actually paid $20 for a huge, painted orange).
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I made stickers. It seems a bit cheesy to link them here, but you can find them via my blog, which is linked on my profile page.
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Good friend of mine used the Obama sign maker to create this rooftop banner.
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The great folks over at the Archie Bray Foundation are having an auction of their Obamaware. Auction only has about 8 hours to go!
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I just wanted to point out that wearing those partisan earrings might get you kicked out of the polling place before you vote. Many states have rules against other forms of clothing that display candidate names as part of laws against campaigning near the polls. There was a news item just today that mentioned someone wearing an Obama t-shirt being turned away from the polls.
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Don't wear things like this to go vote. Don't let your ability to cast a vote hinge on what you're wearing or some sort of statement you want to make. The most important statement is the one you send when you cast your vote.
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I've never really been handy with crafts myself. The papier-mâché Jimmy Carter head I made in grade school looked more like his brother, Billy. But that was years ago and I was a totally different person then. I think I'll give this whole crafts thing another day in court - maybe start slow, with the finger puppets.
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Oh, and in keeping with this theme: I know Obama is more of a pie person, but how about some Obama cake?
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That Obama campaign logo is really ideal for its purpose. It's sharp and graphic, it symbolizes the idea moving along an open road, it incorporates an "O" for Obama, yet it's so simple that anyone can recreate it when making signs or posters or T-shirts or cake or what have you.
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My friend Kathy is Knitting for Obama. FWIW.
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Free knitting patterns for Obama hat and gloves and sweater!
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