Vinni Puh
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Vinni Puh only because, with all the hate and nasty stuff happening, we need something to just make us smile. (SLYT) via
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Thanks, I really needed that.
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I was skeptical until he started singing.
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Am I correct in believing that this is an East Indian take on Winnie the Pooh? Which is totally awesome?
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oh wow.. I just watched this again... when he hits the top of the hill and stares at you...then starts singing... I just can't help smiling...

Caduceus...I've no clue as to the language (being ignorant as I am about that stuff), I would be curious as well...

There are more online if you hit my link instead of the metafilter pop-up icon...
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Seems Russian to me.
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Ha, I haven't seen this in years. The Russian teacher at my high school used to have this on VHS.
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A little background:
There are 3 films. Winnie-the-Pooh (Винни-Пух, 1969), Winnie-the-Pooh Goes on a Visit (Винни-Пух идет в гости, 1971), and Winnie-the-Pooh and the Day of Concern (Винни-Пух и день забот, 1972). Soyuzmultfilm was the company. Fyodor Khitruk was the director and there's a story that the Disney director once told Khitruk that his Pooh was better. More information.
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It's Russian, and I think it's a double, but it is awesome.
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That singing nutsack is going to haunt my dreams tonight.
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Thanks, Tehanu.... You filled out my somewhat weak post... I was just taken with the spirit of the clip.......
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No problem. I loved the Winnie the Pooh books as an older kid but was never all that into the Disney version. I'm enjoying watching this take on the characters.
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It is better. You can tell right away. Disney is wonderbread, and this is pumpernickel.
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Man I wish my feet fully detached from my body when I walked. I feel like being stealthy would be easier.
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Just a little trivia:

When I showed a Russian acquaintance videos of Vinni Puh last year, he told me "Puh" is also an onomatopoeia for a gunshot, like "bang!"
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They made Piglet even more adorable.

I did not think that was even possible. These are great (and the animation is stunning).
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There is one version of Part 2 with subtitles.
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Thanks HuronBob, I needed that too.
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Paaa pa rum pa trum pa rumm pa pum pa rummm!
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What a lovely post and thread. Just right before bedtime. Makes me wish I had some Ovaltine in hot milk to sip while watching.

In case you never saw these, the original stuffed animals, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Kanga, Piglet and Eeyore that belonged to the little boy, Christopher Robin Milne. At the Donnell Library, which was my favorite library in the world but it's being torn down to make the 21 Club bigger. *oh well

I just love it when the narrator says Vinny Puh. It's just adorable. I could listen to him say that over and over.
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This is nice HB:) (scroll to 1:30)
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Holy crap, nickyskye, thank you so much for that picture of the original stuffed animals. That's so cool.
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It's definitely Russian, and was oddly also featured in Cracked's feature today, "9 Foreign Rip-offs that are Better than the Originals."
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Cultural differences matter a lot. Look at the little kid pics of bugs and birds during the opening credits - this is a people who think and observe differently than I do, and it's wonderful. Also, the character actor for Vinnie Puh is very, very good, with the "This is for adults, and this is for kids" duality Mel Blanc brought to his characters, altho with an machine-altered voice. And yes, Piglet is much cuter in this version, and Rabbit seems strangely feminized.
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I'm not sure "feminized" is correct - "smart alecs" in Soviet cartoons were often depicted this way.
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Wow. I was certain that this was a double, but upon searching I can't find the original. (It was mentioned in a comment, though.)

Well, then good! More exposure for this awesome cartoon.
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I watch Vinni Puh Goes Visiting with my 2-year old son all the time. He loves it.

So do I -- I especially get a kick out of rabbit screaming at them: "Nyet!!!" etc. The whole thing is totally righteous.
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I'm so glad I can see this part of Russia from my house.

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I wonder if back in 1970 they ever thought that 40 years later the "American capitalist pigs" would be enjoying the animation with glee on their super advanced computer networks and remarking how amazing it is.
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Oh man, Vinni Puh is great. They got rid of Christopher Robin, but kept the snarkiness of Pooh Bear. Check out the one where he gets stuck in Rabbit's door ("Vinni Puh Goes Visiting"). He's got edge, unlike the Disney version.
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This made me smile. Thanks!
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I wonder if back before 1956 A. A. Milne ever thought that in the future the insipid Disney cartoon Pooh would be balanced by a wonderful Russian version?
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Vinni Pukh is much better than the original. Thanks for the post! (Incidentally, Pyatachok, the Russian name for Piglet, means 'little pig's snout.')
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Oh man, long credits before youtubery...lemme outta here.
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