I just got spammed
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I just got spammed with an offer to preserve my pet's DNA for later cloning. Shades of Repet! Checked out the company, Animal Cloning Sciences, and they used to be "Ovvio Better Life", trading at about $0.16 a share, down from their $5 heyday and slowly sinking into oblivion. Thank God.
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Isn't this what the movie 'The 6th Day' was all about? As a matter of fact, one of the subplot to the (terrible) movie was preserving a pet's DNA so you can bring it back to life later on?

The only thing is, if you take DNA from a older pet (or human being), and if you try to regenerate it, won't the new being have all the characteristics of the old pet/human? Wasn't this the problem with Dolly the sheep?
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