New Internet Dramedy Hits Internet
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History and the Universe, mentioned months ago in a NYTimes travel feature, has finally gone live. This Internet TV channel has two shows so far: Big Book of Lies and Emily Time, both filmed in Buenos Aires. Video is high quality, even filmic at times. Favorite characters include Buck Chomsky, the disaffected son of you-know-who, and Exon, a 5'3 Colombian gangster with a penchant for Apple products.
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Too many neologisms in one post.
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And it broke my browser. Would not buy again.
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Didn't break my browser, but not very good (at least the Big Book of Lies one). Too affected, especially the lack of place. It's obviously a conscious choice, but why do they pretend Buenos Aires is some generic American (in the "USian" sense) city? I mean, it's so obviously Buenos Aires and these people are total expats, yet they really push that awkward "generic American city" vibe throughout the four or so episodes I watched. Why would Paul Revere's body getting stolen from a Buenos Aires' cemetery be remotely believable in terms of famous people buried there? You can get away with that in Canada to an extent, but I don't think it works for Buenos Aires unless you're making some sort of pop-postmodern point.

Also, the lead is a "zany" tool, as far as I can tell.

(I watched this yesterday and assumed this thread would be longer, with some responses that shared some of my reactions, except possibly more precisely and knowledgeably formulated. Guess it's the weekend lull)
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