UFO spotted?
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UFO spotted? This well may be the new Chinese stealth wave our CIA has been trying to blow away from our shores but to no avail. For the first time, China able to spy on us and to knock down surfers too.
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Unidentified Floating Object?
Unidentified Fluid-bound Object?
Unidentified Flushing Object?
posted by straight at 10:39 AM on May 10, 2001

'charlie don't surf!'

it's pretty creepy. wouldn't want to be out kayaking and run into that.
posted by donkeysuck at 11:17 AM on May 10, 2001

seriously, someone recently posted an article from scientific american about high speed underwater weapons.

i wonder if this was a related occurrence?
posted by elsar at 12:02 PM on May 10, 2001

From the article: underwater flying saucer

As opposed to, say, mid-air swimming saucer?
posted by briank at 12:05 PM on May 10, 2001

Well, it could have been a russian satellite. They lost control of four of them today....
posted by mtstover at 12:35 PM on May 10, 2001

Gosh...I didn't know that the UN-sponsored black helicopters could pull double-duty as submarines. The truth is...under there.
posted by davidmsc at 3:26 PM on May 10, 2001

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