Blotchmen and other comics by Kevin Cannon
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Blotchmen is a short comic by Kevin Cannon that collides Watchmen with children's books. Other short comics by Kevin Cannon can be read on his site under Grab Bag and on his blog, Freshman for Life. His professional work is done through Big Time Attic which he founded with Shad Petosky and not-brother Zander Cannon.
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This is the part where I rage incoherently at Zander Cannon's inability to finish Replacement God.


Sorry, what was that? Oh, yeah, Blotchcmen. Pretty neat, thanks.
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I interviewed Zander years ago. I suppose it's only tangentially related to this post, but sometimes I just like to gloat about how ahead of the curve I sometimes am.
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The best part about this post is that it introduced me to 24hr Comics day. What a cool ass thing to do. Almost as cool as Nanowrimo. But not quite.
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Watchmen thread is two down.
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And the books in the comic are:

"Where the Wild Things Are."


"Harold and the Purple Crayon."

If there are other references I am too dumb to get them.
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Links are coming up as broken for me (they hit a "coming soon" page)

which is sad, 'cause I'm pretty sure that I have about two degrees of separation from Kevin (He went to my school, and draws posters for an organization I belong to occasionally)
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I went to college with Kevin Cannon, and was in a few of his classes, and we applied to draw comics for the school's newspaper at the same time. He drew Johnny Cavalier, which is pretty damn good.

I, on the other hand, sat on my butt and did nothing for the paper, and am doing nothing to this day.

I really should have gone through with submitting a comic or two to the school paper ten years ago. Fuck.

also I had a huge crush on him but he had high standards and I was kind of a socially inept dork. He had nice forearms.
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Incidentally, this is my favorite Johnny Cavalier of all time.

(Hi, fellow Grinnellian dismas! Don't be a slacker like me!)
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