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Hilda Magazine ― prose, poetry, illustrations, photography, video, and music from a wide assortment contemporary artists. [contains some nude art images]

The magazine also includes links to some individual artist's personal sites. Following are presentations that I found particularly compelling or interesting:

Niklas Goldbach
Wheat Würtzburger
Constantin Hartenstein
Levi van Veluw
Heidi Mortenson
Sigurdur Gudjónsson
Janaina Tschäpe
Brenda Hillman
Mary Mattingly
Mikko Rantanen
Lenka Clayton
Jörg Piringer
Robert Hodgin

If you only look at one thing on Hilda, be sure to check out Magnetosphere, one of many of Robert Hodgin's experiments with the programming language Processing.

Hodgin, van Veluw, and Mattingly have been previously featured on the blue.
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Fresh art. Nice. Thanks.
posted by nickyskye at 9:22 AM on October 29, 2008

Nice post.

(Though it freaked me out: as I scrolled down the list of artists on the site, iTunes on shuffle started playing a Blevin Blectum song just as her face appeared. Spooky!)
posted by jack_mo at 11:41 AM on October 29, 2008

Nice stuff, and thanks for pointing out Magnetosphere—I liked it.
posted by languagehat at 1:07 PM on October 29, 2008

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