Ubersuper - Stefan Sicher shares inspiration and has fun.
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Ubersuper is the place where Stefan Sicher shares inspiration and has fun. It has lead me to Soviet Propaganda Posters, Generating Art from Computer Games, Bruce Mozert's Underwater Photos, a cool stop motion video and much more.
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I liked his Ringo interface, but hate hierarchical menus where I lose the parent when I navigate down. Still neat.

I thought this from the comments was funny, "A bit unrealistic technically speaking, even in 20 years.. but very inspiring and well designed. We'll surely get close.. Thank you for bringing it to visuals. Nice work!"

And 10 years ago people would have said the same thing about the iPod.
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The video in the stop motion video link is amazing.
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The RingO interface is an awesome idea. I see a few problems with it though: where to project the image from (hat? belt?); how to detect input from the user, ie the hand gestures; and the ergonomic problems of looking at something near your feet for lengthy periods of time.
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