clean type is godly type
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We've seen it done before with Ms. Dewey (previously), but all the same, meet Max Kerning. He's also on Facebook and Twitter. He's a total shill (Sutcase Fusion 2) but still worth checking out.

I'd make the rest of this post about the effectiveness of using social media for marketing purposes, but frankly, I care more about type. I love typography in fact (previously). If this too is your thing, check out webtypography (previously). Or if you find type on the internet too restrictive consider using sIFR (or Scalable Inman Flash Replacement). swfIR (swf Image Replacement) does a similar trick with images. You can have your handwriting made into a font. (previously). Or grab some free fonts. Or maybe you want your web without words (or images really). And be sure to check out Web Designer Wall to make sure you're doing it correctly (previously). Previously. Previously.
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Some people say my standards for a MetaFilter post are too high. You know what? That's what sloppy people say.
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Reminds me of a bad mike meyers skit...
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LTS; DW (Loads too slow; didn't watch)
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All I can think of is the young actor whose rent just got paid, and will always and forever flinch a little bit when he thinks back on this gig.
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Clean audio edits are godly audio edits.
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Did anyone ever figure out how to solve Ms. Dewey? You know, see boobs?
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who knew you could have kerning in audio.
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GuyZero, ok, kind of a hasty scattergun post, but I thought the Max Kerning link was somewhat cool, liked the idea that you had to really dig to find what product they are even selling.

I probably should have taken the time to develop a post about social media and marketing, but thought I was already treading too close to a pepsi blue post (and social media marketing bores me, since I've heard it all before back when people were telling companies they needed to market on this new thing called the internet).

And I really liked the "web without words" link.

I should have made them two different posts rather than trying to make a tenuous connection between them.

Oh well, still learning.
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Actually, it's a "Maxism" which I substituted MeFi for whatever Max was talking about. It's an OK post actually. Please don't let snark for snark's sake weight too much on you.
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Did anyone ever figure out how to solve Ms. Dewey? You know, see boobs?

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GuyZero, I caught the reference, but it's still a fair criticism. Most of the links are pretty cool, but it's kind of a salad post. Pretty much anything I like about geeky web or type.

No opinion on Fusion, other than if you do use it, you must get an freeware app called fontnuke.
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cjorgensen, you don't actually need to use FontNuke at all. When you purchase Suitcase Fusion, a copy of FontDoctor is also included, and you can use that to clean your font caches if it ever becomes necessary.

"Clean Caches are Godly Caches" ;-)

Jim Kidwell
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