Eagle Ager
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Eagle Ager
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Some of those videos remind me of college. And psilocybin.
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"Performance art! I'm the king! So grab a hammer, nail me to something. Let's go to the park and maybe eat a fur coat. Spray me with blood and write the word "guilt" all over my face. Hurry up, I'm the King of Performance Art! Let's go to the park Saturday. I'll eat one hundred apples while you burn my feet until I scream and people gather around!

"Performance art is my gig. I'll stab myself while you squeal like a pig. Jessica can work the crowd and pass out literature.

"The critics won't understand; no one will, they're programmed by the Man. So lets take these mannequin parts down to the park!"

--Sifl & Olly
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The best things about Alzheimer's:

You can hide your own Easter eggs.
You are always meeting new people.
You never have to watch reruns on television.

[sincere apologies to anyone having to take care of an Alzheimer's loved one]
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And on the eighth day God invented fast-forward so that performance art videos might be made bearable. And God was mostly happy although he did wonder if creating Performance Art was really the right thing to do in the First Place.
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Eagle Ager, lemme tell you something: you kids have talent, real talent, and I don't just see you rolling around the floor biting each other's underwear in your kitchen, or in some third rate "art space" somewhere! Oh no! I see you doing this on college campuses! At dinner theatre all across the country! Shopping malls! And we won't stop there! We're gonna take your cardboard chicken costumes and your giant garbage bag eyeballs all the way to BROADWAY! And TELEVISION! You kids are gonna be BIG, baby, REALLY BIG!!
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Noise is way more fun to make than it is to listen to. I'm pretty sure I was in that group ... about 25 years ago. It made the 1980s bearable. But it wasn't psilocybin that made us tick. It was mostly LSD.
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Watched the first one. Reminded me a lot of the Dude's landlord's performance in "The Big Lebowski", except not as good.
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The color of infinity inside an empty glass
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Is an Eagle Ager anything like a Chicken Sexer?
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true, true.
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I got a free dvd of this stuff at a dance thing (AUNTS is dance, I think it was) in Bushwick last year and never really got around to watching it. I'm not as willing as everyone else here to snarkily write off this work, but I do think the event that is this thread kinda points to the way that context is everything. I find it harder to give my attention over to this kind of work in lo-fi online videos than I would if I was at an evening of performance and knew what to expect. I quite like performance art, but the infelicities that seem to be inevitable in its translation to film or video need investigating.
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I don't give a fuck about your childhood.
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I dunno, that marching one made me freak out a little bit. Plus, cute Halloween costume ideas!
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What I like about this is it looks like youth to me. Not the packaged youth of pop music and Disney TV shows but actually being young, the thrill of attempting something.

It has been a while since I did performance art. I work a crappy full time job in a warehouse. Who am I to tell these kids they are doing art the wrong way?

Check out Crank Sturgeon though, especially if he is coming through your town. But he has some stuff on YouTube too. If these kids are smart, they will grow up to be like him, and not me.
posted by idiopath at 5:27 AM on October 31, 2008

Or they'll grow up to be Dan Deacon.
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