Sports.... in space!
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Former Redskins linebacker Ken Harvey wants to bring sports to space. He calls it Space Sportilization
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It'll probably never happen, but goddamn that brings a smile to my face for some reason.
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" The game would be called Float Ball. It would combine elements of basketball, football and the Lionel Richie video for “Dancing on the Ceiling” into a sort of free-for-all, compelling weightless players to bounce off walls, obstacles and one another while herding weightless balls of various colors to either end of the playing space, which would be placed inside the cabin of a zero-gravity plane or, possibly, on the moon."

*mobile rings* I can't talk now! I'm in a Lionel Richie video! On the moon!
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Space Sportilization is the dumbest word ever coined, but if the end result is Float Ball, I'm all for it!
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You get a bonus point for slamming your opponent through the hoop!
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I'd play this.
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I choose to call it Space Sportilization!
- "Ken Harvey", née Homer Simpson.
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Float Ball?

Pfft. It should be Floatilization Ballization!
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In honor of Lionel Ritchie, I want to see Lebron James preparing to play float ball, put Jheri Curl activator on his hands and slap them up together watching the blobs of juice drift off above his head.
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Can they make it something like polo? The sooner we get the polo crowd to the moon the better.
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I'm developing a sport based on the video for Lionel Richie's "Hello". I'm calling it Blind Sculpturization.
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Tight Ender's Game?
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I'm still waiting for rollerball
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The enemy's gate is down.
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Jocks in space.
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Anyone remember Mutant League Football for sega genesis? classic game. They recently re-released it for psp.

I'm still waiting for rollerball

Yeah, I just hope it's the Norman Jewison version with James Caan and not the remake with LL Cool Jay(sp?)
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