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Having trouble voting? Have a question about the polling process in your state? The folks at the non-partisan 866-OUR-VOTE Election Protection Hotline are there to help. Online, they offer information about voting in your state, the ability to report problems at the polls or live chat with Election Protection workers.
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They are also on Twitter. For data junkies such as myself, you can watch them update their database here. Seems to be updating every 20 minutes or so.
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Also, live polling place reports and a map with wait times from Twitter.
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I had to wait longer for that Twitter wait time page to load than I had to wait at the actual place.
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Also. Seems to be holding up better than the main site.
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Nice to hear there's someone watching the watchers. I don't have much faith in state election agencies to do much about problems at the polls.
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Harlem, NYC. About 100 people in my polling place at 10:00 AM. Many young black families with kids in tow to witness their parents making history. Great atmosphere, everyone smiling, and a few with tears in their eyes. Poll workers told me they were *mobbed* from 6-9AM, very unusual in this location.
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One of my friends at a polling place in Wilkes-Barre, PA saw that they were allowing McCain signs in front of the polling place, and making Obama peeps go 50 feet away. He called the hotline and within 5 minutes, a lawyer and 3 cops showed up and fixed things.
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Voting seemed to go well for us in our little corner of Seattle: very calm, friendly. You had a choice or paper or electronic. No drama to speak of. No plastering of signs outside, nor any politicos outside hassling voters.
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Even though early voting went without a hitch for us, there was one little detail that left the foil-hatter in me a little concerned.

In Indiana, to vote early, you actually have to fill-out the Absentee Voter form, with the "voting in person" box checked. All well and good until you understand that, last election, much of the voting issues we experienced had to do with absentee votes being challenged and left uncounted.

Given the enormous early-vote turnout here, a well-directed challenge to absentee votes could seriously swing the vote by thousands in this very close state.
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Anyone unsure where to mark the ballot, I demonstrate here.
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Stop being so elitist. Come over to the other thread where all the sheep are.
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As a follow-up to my concern about absentee votes in Indiana...
Last night, Indiana's Supreme Court ruled that all challenged absentee votes would be set-aside until they could be reviewed later, after voting was over. You can read about the decision here.

According to the Indy NPR station, there are already reports of Republican officials challenging large numbers of absentee votes.
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Virginia: The New Florida?
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I can't find a single open polling station here in Toronto to cast my vote for Obama and that phone number doesn't work.
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