"You named your collaboration QAP? Really?"
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The DiVincenzo Code [youtube trailer, geekery]. Faced with a strict demand from a funding agency to allocate research funds towards the dissemination of research ideas to the public, an experimental physics group at the University of Oxford produced a feature-length (55 min) action thriller about murder, ancient prophecy, tea breaks, and quantum computation.

[Trailer linked above. Parts 1 2 3 4 5 6]

Named after the most basic requirements for a functional quantum computer, the DiVincenzo criteria [pdf], the student-directed effort is a superposition of The Da Vinci Code, The Matrix, and a live-action PhD Comics. Perhaps best viewed with either popcorn or your lab-mate's stash ofThorlabs Lab Snacks.
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The evil dude was fantastic. "I have built his machine. His legacy is now mine!"
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I kept waiting for the line, "I'm Ben Bernanke, Spencer, and I want you teeth for the federal reserve! I'm cutting interest rates in half!"
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I read that as quantum copulation. I think I need more sleep.

Or more quantum copulation.
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cjorgensen - I'm glad to know that I'm not the only person with that stuck in my head. For the past month, when presented with any kind of amateur acting, that immediately clicks in. "I'm cutting your budget in half! Boy, precious boy wonder, sitting there, in your endowed chair, demanding more funding - well you're not getting any more funding, you've got enough funding in your budget!"

I'm a scientist, a furious scientist.
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I am sincerely pleased that taxpayer funds have been allocated in such a useful way. Thanks, EU!
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