Tubular bells?
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"Next-generation loudspeakers could be as thin as paper, as clear as glass, and as stretchable as rubber." Making sound from heat and vice versa is nothing new, but a flat loudspeaker sure would be cool, provided nothing goes wrong. [previously.]
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I gotta say, a singing jacket sounds really annoying.
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Singing condoms--oh yes.
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This had me wondering about speaker cables.
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Making sound from flame.
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Will the bass still make the trunk lid of my low riding Honda Civic buzz even if the trunk lid is the speaker?
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I prefer plasma arc loudspeakers. The sheer number of things that could go wrong with them would turn just listening to music into an extreme sport of sorts...
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I have had a hard-on for CNT for years now, as potential high-strength, light-weight construction material for structures and vehicles; as superconducting material for cabling or electric motors (even jet engines); as microscopic frictionless batteries; as the next generation of microchip, etc, etc.

Stretchable transparent speakers? Fuck, just one more area they totally rule...
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Add this to your mini projector in your outfit.
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But how can we relate Obama to this?
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Ok if this is accurate... I could listen to music while bicycling AND keep myself warm during the winter. A jacket made out of this stuff would have a surface temp of 80 F (so says link 1 of the article). I wonder how efficient it is at doing its job?
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Since these speakers don't vibrate, doesn't that mean that one should be capable of producing full-range sound (20-2kHz) without compromise?
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In contrast - the Focal Grand Utopia EM - weighing in at over 500 pounds each and standing over six feet tall, and costing as much as a moderate house.
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So, these speakers... they don't vibraAGH NO STOP ME BEFORE I MEME AGAIN
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Martin Logan transparent electrostatic loudspeakers may have some competition from this material.
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