Oh say can you see?
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Oh say can you see? This photo has a clever arrangement of chairs and a blue piece of fabric. Cool photography out of Brooklyn. This photo is used as a postcard.
posted by borgle (15 comments total)
Sorry to self promote but the image of the flag got me thinking for just a second that it was my site, brand new:
posted by Postroad at 10:58 AM on May 11, 2001

A really neat photo indeed.
posted by whoshotwho at 11:02 AM on May 11, 2001

Whoo! self-promoting!
posted by tiaka at 11:12 AM on May 11, 2001

At least it wasn't linked fully with an A HREF ;)
posted by jragon at 11:31 AM on May 11, 2001

Hey, everybody, Postroad finally got his own site!
posted by briank at 11:32 AM on May 11, 2001

And today I got citation for traffic cop...I explained that I was white but he said I profiled as a Metafilter user.
posted by Postroad at 11:52 AM on May 11, 2001

Abrupt veering back on topic) That site is lovely. Not only is the photography quite imaginative and nicely done, it makes me long (for about a minute and a half) to move back to Park Slope. Thanks for the link, borgle.
posted by Dreama at 12:11 PM on May 11, 2001

It seems to me that she has a better eye for objects than for people. I liked the Brooklyn and Postcard shots better than the Wedding, Event, and Children shots. The pic of the baby with the bust was pretty cool, though.
posted by anapestic at 12:18 PM on May 11, 2001

Hey! Park Slope on the Web! My 'hood!
posted by ParisParamus at 1:07 PM on May 11, 2001

Park Slope = puppies and babies.
posted by capt.crackpipe at 1:39 PM on May 11, 2001

Puppies, babies, and Starbucks now, right? How's Ozzie's doing these days?
posted by sudama at 7:18 PM on May 11, 2001

Puppies? They're grown up. Also, lots of women who "don't like boys." Park Slope is doing well; becoming more and more expensive, but what isn't. As long as the F Train remains the IF Train, the south Slope should remain somewhat reasonable....Still have never seen Paul Auster....
posted by ParisParamus at 7:33 PM on May 11, 2001

Ozzie's? There's two of them. Their Granitas have slipped; the place is way overrated.
posted by ParisParamus at 7:35 PM on May 11, 2001

Ozzie's is a great place to hang. I have a good friend in Park Slope. I really like the area.
posted by vanderwal at 9:46 PM on May 11, 2001

Ok. I'm sorry. Coffee's on me :o
posted by ParisParamus at 9:52 PM on May 11, 2001

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