Life in the Tunnel - Dark Days
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Sunday Morning Movie - A moving and fascinating documentary, Dark Days is on Google Video. Marc Singer lived in the tunnel, and started filming with the help of his fellow tunnel dwellers. Trivia here. Inevitable Wikipedia link here.

The online video can't possibly do justice to the stunning black and white imagery, but it's worth seeing in any form. I'd encourage anyone to add this to your Netflix Queue, or get the DVD, which includes the director's commentary.
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Music by DJ Shadow, back when he was, dare I say it? good.

Also please note that this is not Marc Singer of Beastmaster fame.
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I'm barely 4 minutes into this and I can already tell I'm really going to enjoy it. Thanks for posting it here.
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Awesome! I remember hearing about this when it came out and I been meaning to watch it ever since.
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If you get the chance, watch it on DVD, as it was filmed in 16mm b&w, and a lot of the imagery is really enhanced by the grain of the film IMO. Really moving.
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This follows a bunker post from three days earlier.

For a moment I thought that this was the new Republican message: "Everybody hunker down underground with Dick Cheney until we Mole People can come back to the surface!"

Seriously though, it's a good film (I've seen it before). Thanks for the link.
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We love Dark Days here on Metafilter, as it combines so many things we like.
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Wow. What a coincidence. I've wanted to watch this movie since it came out 8 years ago, and i finally got around to downloading it and watching some of it last night.
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Definitely second getting the DVD. The photography is really just stunning. And yes, DJ Shadow's music throughout is brilliant. Really incredible outsider effort.
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I was apparently the only one in the film department in college who hadn't seen this in some class or other. Everyone said it was unbelievable. Thanks.
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this is not Marc Singer of Beastmaster

apparently they're going to remake V! (ot ;)
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Wow. This is a brilliant documentary. Nice soundtrack too.
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Sweet. I was just reading about this film last night, and wanting to see it. Thanks.
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Saw this in theater.
It changed how I viewed the city I walk around in.
I've recommended it to many people, glad to see it's still garnering attention.
Also, when I saw it, I thought it was the same Marc Singer as V, and it improved my opinion of him mightily. HA!
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I saw this at the Chicago film festival when it came out. The director Marc Singer was there. He had never filmed anything...ever.

Two really interesting things about the film: he shot on black and white because a friend in the film "would look cool". Secondly, they shot and shot and shot and never looked at their film. It sat in canisters until they came "above ground". They could have had multiple reels of nothing. When they asked if he was going to make another film he said he didn't think so. That this was a film that just needed to be made.
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Watched it tonight. Remarkable movie--a close look at people we rarely get close to. And they're nice people.
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Also please note that this is not Marc Singer of Beastmaster fame.

Well, goddammit, thinking it would be was 75% of the reason I clicked the link. Glad I did, though.
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This is my second opportunity to talk up Slake's Limbo on Metafilter, and by God I'm taking it. As a kid Slake's Limbo adjusted the way I looked at the world; it was like I started seeing everything in cutaway, in exploded view. This movie is reminding me really strongly of that experience.
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Regarding the Marc Singer/Beastmaster thing... I almost put a line in the FPP that it was not that Marc Singer. I confess that I briefly thought maybe it was him as well, but the idea seemed so far-fetched that I dismissed it pretty quickly. And a quick web search confirmed my assumption.

The fascinating thing is that the Beastmaster Marc Singer's name is so recognizable from that one movie! Oh, the power of 1980s cable programming!
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