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In addition to hosting the stuff we all know and love (loathe?), the anime music videos, the World of Warcraft ego films, the leave Brittney alone guy, youtube is also a medium for distributing indie video. Often combining moderately good production values, bizarre humor and genuinely funny writing, Kim Evey is one such producer/writer/actor, in between doing various TV roles.

She's the mind (and one of the girls) behind Two Hot Girls in the Shower (SFW-ish), the "star" of the Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show, one of the forces behind The Guild (previously), and Meteor Men. See this interview with her and Felicia Day (of Dr. Horrible and The Guild) for answers to a few not so burning questions about the whole thing.
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The "SFW-ish" refers to the fact that the titular Two Hot Girls, while only seen from the shoulders up are not obviously clothed, and are in a shower.
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Jason van Genderen is no slouch either, turning out a Tropfest winning movie for $57.
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This is going well. I bet you thought you'd get a whole bunch of links to indie video.
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You really don't have to explain to us what YouTube is.
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Please for you to clap hands and cheering for Alan Tudyk.
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It's great ideas I just wish it was, you know, funny
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tellurian Well, that was my plan, but it seems to have had the same success rate as the average plan put together by a James Bond villain. Spreading the insane glory of the Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show was my secondary goal, but at least in fearfulsymmetry's case that too appears to have failed.
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