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"Good Guide provides the world's largest and most reliable source of information on the health, environmental, and social impacts of the products in your home." Now in iPhone.
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I was hoping for information on the negative health, environmental, and social aspects of the Iphone.
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Practical. Thanks.
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And you can't beat the price.
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I seem to have stumbled onto prweb...\
strange because I thought I was at MetaFilter
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This startup was one of the TechCrunch finalists - and I still don't get it. They have to pay companies to rate every product, which has got to be crazy expensive. The ratings are just numbers without any deep knowledge, and are *yawn* dull. Why did the company that makes some hand lotion get 5/10 on labour? No explanation. (Data provided by "ELM Research & Strategy" whoever that is. Thanks!)

I want to read how they hired some goons to scare people from attended the union organization meeting. Or instead of just listing chemicals (which isn't particularly new) why not add some value? Wired had this series where they would explain what all the chemicals do in household products, like oven cleaner. That was good stuff. This is just try-to-please everyone and satisfy no one.

My rating: "Tries hard."
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Cosmetics Database does this type of thing for cosmetic products (including shampoos, deodorants, etc.) It gives a hazard rating, as well as lists of the harmful chemicals, but it doesn't show workplace or diversity ratings like Good Guide does.

So I guess take what you can get from both sites combined for the products that will be cross-listed, but I think overall, CD does a better job.
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Iphone making it's users healthier, happier, and probalby even richer. Iphone, what can't you do?
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