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China Film Journal "a bilingual website dedicated to Chinese-language cinema from around the world."
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This is wonderful. Thank you.
posted by Floach at 8:03 PM on November 11, 2008

I've been looking for something like this. Thanks!
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I'm only taking Mandarin 1 now but I watched the movie 英雄 last week and was happy that I could understand around 2% of the dialog, occasionally entire phrases even.   

Since I can repurpose my Japanese ability to read most Chinese characters, I'm thinking I should start getting some Mandarin-language torrents that have chinese subtitling -- I've found I learned Japanese best when watching Japanese TV with Japanese subtitling.
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Sweet. I've been scoping out film journals/sites/blogs for a bit... I've added this to the list.

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I've only done 3 months of Chinese, but movies are always a good way to learn.
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(so 甭谢,一点小意思而已 would be something like "no need to thank, it's but a small gesture (from me), that's all")?
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That's about the size of it, flippant. Be warned though, I'm not a native speaker, albeit my grammar isn't half as dodgy as my accent. I'd hate to lead a new student astray.
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The article on Cape No. 7 was good, pretty much spot on I felt about the state of the Taiwanese film industry.
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Oh, and nice thread title. 電影, heh.
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