Paper Dolls Aren't Just for Sissies Anymore
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"You're a paper doll and you're confronted with a horde of hungry zombies. Whose weapon do you wish you had?" Pick your doll. Dress her up naughty or nice. Pick a pet. Stick around for Mermaid Monday, and have fun. My girlfriend says she'll wear this Cupcake Dress for me. Be sure to check out Hobbit Girl. Or the Original Silk Spectre (Sally Jupiter) from Watchmen and Rachel from Blade Runner. There's the obligatory wtf? And finally Sarah Palin. Sorry guys, she doesn't draw men (even if she likes all the same things you do).

The writing's good, she's been doing it nearly two years, the site's safe for work, and I will honestly cry if this is a double.
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Oh those are lovely!

When I was little, I had a Godey’s Lady’s Book set of paper dolls. This one, from Dover Publications.

I traced their figures and then made my own clothing. I found a coloring book with men in it too, and traced out a bunch of gentlemen with whom my fine ladies associated. They had an enormously complex social life and I had all their pedigrees on a piece of paper, as well as a bunch of floorplans of their houses and maps of their county.

Paper dolls are fun.
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If the main reason for the internet is porn, and the second reason is recipes, then paper dolls has got to be the third. (So there's bound to be a porny, cooking, paper doll, no?)
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Oh, paper dolls. I used to make my own Peanuts gang ones - Snoopy and Charlie Brown and Lucy. I had all kinds of the historical ones too.
I had barbies too, as a kid, but I tortured those. The good stuff only happened to my paper dolls.
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Those are beautiful! I used to have paper dolls with historical clothing ... I just like looking at them.
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Ok, so where's the zombies, man? I was hoping for a horde of zombie paper dolls. After a quick search I found these, but it's not quite the same.
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Well, you pick your doll, print out a horde of them, dress them up in this: Urban Undead Zombie Couture, and you're set for zombie fun. The quote comes from one of the site quizzes.

What surprised me about this site was how funny, well writing, and actually interesting each of the blog posts were. And the fact that she hit on about 90% of the crap I like. History, movies, weird fashion, Halloween, gothy goodness, and an occasional kitten.
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She designed a 60s-style Metafilter dress.

I think this is a great idea for a blog. It reminds me of being a kid in the 80s and playing with my Mom's old paper dolls and Barbies.
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I'm glad people enjoy my site, thanks for the detailed post! I hope people look at the links as well, because there are some other fantastic sites out there. 19th Century Paper Dolls just started recently and posts her own creations as well as dolls from her collection, these fairy paper dolls are welcome distractions from the cutsey-poo fairies I, at least, see too much of, and although Papperselegans is in Swedish you can cope, or use Google translation to cope a little better -- I admire her colorful and detailed outfits, but also her sheer patience, since she has some things like full sets of paperdolls for Sense and Sensibility, all the major characters represented with multiple outfits for each.
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Well, now its in my feeds. Yay.
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