Don't Worry, Be Happy.
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Hi there, it’s Gail Westerfield, the writer's super heroine, and I'm feeling groovy thanks to Dr. Michael Mithoefer. Previously.
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Um. I'm just going to give an awkward cough and linger around the top of the thread for a while before I weigh in on this one.
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Serotonin's a hell of a neurotransmitter.
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So, I missed it. Was that Sanjay Gupta piece on College Humor or the Onion?

Just what the world needs, better marketing for ecstasy.

Think of the medical product tie-ins! Happy Happy Glow Sticks®, Peaceful Pacifiers® (in adult sizes), and 300 BPM relaxation tapes!

Also, warning, the second link is as annoying as fuck. Scared the shit out of me, gave me a spot of PTSD. Paging Dr. Gupta!
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This is a great post. You guys make great comments. I love metafilter. I love you all, you're the best. Wow.
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I'm pretty sure this is mean. Hm... yep, this is mean.
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That wall thing they use now is dumb and annoying. Did I actually need to see him pull up a picture of a chair, just as he said the word "therapy" in order to to get what he was saying?

"Thera...wait, wha? Oh, a chair! He's talking about therapy!"
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Flagged as rawstory.
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Drugs will not make you happy. Have we not learned this by now.

It's snorting the drugs off the strippers tits that makes you happy.
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stripper's or strippers'?
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This was a facile investigation into what combination of therapeutic modalities were synergizing with the neurochemical effects of MDMA.
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tkchist and I said roughly the same thing.
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And if any kids want to use that video as an excuse to go eat some E, they should be able to understand every last bit of what's going on here.
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Oops, I mean here.
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stripper's or strippers'?

Must we pick nits off those tits.
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The one and only time I took E it was a living nightmare. A nightmare of jaw aching happiness and senseless white-guy dancing.

I must explain.
Like all my kind I suffer from a condition. By "my kind" I mean a member of the Christensen Clan of stoic Danish Mormon ancestry. And by "condition" I mean enduring cynicism. No matter how happy or altered you are there will always be apart of the Christensen brain reserved for how much this really sucks. A tiny portion of the Grey Matter Processor always chants you're gonna pay for this happiness somehow and you'd better settle the fuck down before the hammer of God, or Odin (or what ever ancestral gods wreak ironic havoc upon us mortals) sees how happy you are.

This vital area of my ancestral consciousness was magically silenced by E. And frankly my psyche did not know what to do in the vacuum sans cynicism. It was horrible.

I loved everybody. But I knew I should be hating them. The terrible music. The god awful clothing. The inane patter. For Jeebus sake these people WANTED to have sex with me. And my normal reflex is avoid those sorts of people as much as possible. But the magic effects of E course through my noggin I could not stop my self from making out with every single chick that happily presented me a mouth to kiss or a butt to fondle. THIS LASTED FOR HOURS. Nobody warned me about this.

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Hey bicyclefish it gets a lot better here downthread you should come this one guy is telling stories and i think i just saw a flying shark???!?
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Right. Well, I guess I've been loitering around long enough now. I'm ready.

When she says "writer's superheroine," it sounds like "writer's super-heroin."

I'm done.
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I'm pretty sure this is mean. Hm... yep, this is mean.

What? Exposing you to her website?
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This person is looking for help, probably in the wrong places, and we're here making fun of her website. Sure her website is ridiculous, but man... I just don't know.
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Yeah, her website was totally irrelevant to this story and the post would've been loads better if it wasn't framed as such.
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