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Enjoy Risk? Then you may like Strategy Game Network [requires registration.] Strategy Game Network has similar gameplay and in addition to the classic map, there are many alternative maps. With 24 hour turn limits it isn't a huge time sink, just play a few minutes a day.
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Compare and contrast with Warfish, please.
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Well, since I've never heard of warfish until now, or been invited, I'd say the one obvious difference is no need for an invitation.
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I enjoy Battleground States 2008, personally. No registration required but potentially a big time sink.
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Oops, link
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You might also like Conquer Club which appears to have more maps and more variety of gameplay.
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I don't think it's possible to simply "enjoy" Risk. Even the people who like it also hate it.
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What do they mean, "doesn't know any geography"? I can see the whole of Eurasia in my mind's eye. I know just exactly where Irkutsk and Yakutsk are.
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Eh.. I'd prefer Risk's underrated brother, Diplomacy.
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Dominate is pretty good. Many maps and different game play styles.
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Diplomacy isn't underrated, it's just hard to get together seven people who hate each that much.
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I have been a member of Conquer Club for about a year now, and at first glance it looks a lot more polished than this Strategy Game Network. Same general idea though.
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Caduceus, it's hard to find seven people who hate each other sufficiently to play Diplomacy properly.

For people who don't know the game, Diplomacy is a turn-based game where all players move simultaneously by writing down their orders before each turn. Simultaneous movement makes it very easy to betray an ally and very hard for them to recover if they're taken by surprise. For that reason, it's very hard to have only one enemy at a time, and you need to be constantly negotiating with everyone else. The game is fun for the nebulous web of lies you need to spin just to get by from turn to turn.

Here's some general information about Diplomacy. To play Diplomacy online-by-email, this is the site you want, though unfortunately it's a very awkwardly designed site. The rules of the game, and the rules wiki.

Writing email in character as Tsar Nicholas II is a good way to go if you still have some unchecked squares on your nerd bingo card.
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All the cool kids play on Landgrab.
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Well, yes, justsomebody, that is what I meant.
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Thirding the love for Diplomacy: at a pure design level, it's impressive to see a game that gripping with no luck, no hidden information, and rules mechanics about as complex as checkers. On an emotional level, it is the only boardgame I have ever seen turn into a fistfight. It is awesome.
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Freshman year of college a friend of mine and I, both Diplomacy lovers, bought a copy of the game to teach our floor how to play.

Many weeks after the first game we were still analysing the outcome. And we hated each other a little more.

I still play by email occasionally, though its popularity has waned with time. There are a couple attempts at making the game more friendly (friendly Diplomacy is an oxymoron) through PHP.
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Dominate is pretty good. Many maps and different game play styles.

I just attempted to figure out how to play that for 20 minutes and have now given up: it's just too unintuitive for it to be worth my while. I still love the idea of playing live (i.e. not time-delay) Risk online - can anyone recommend a better site?
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