(limited editions x low prices) + the internet = art for everyone
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"We introduce two new pieces a week: one photo and one work on paper. Each image is available in three sizes." Limited edition artworks priced $20 to $2000. An interesting concept with some nice pieces.
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At first I was like: oh, another limited edition prints site that sells out as soon as the work is available. But it's not. Some favorites.
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Do they have a 10x100?
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Kept coming back to fishline, currently on the front page. I've seen similar images from South Korea, most often involving squid, but this one has such.... I don't know, tension? I might have to buy it for my bathroom.
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yeah these are actually pretty good
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it's the new '2 and 20' :P

i like the idea of house plants (+ canary), wallpaper and book shelves (+ cabinet). you know, for the apartment. it's a party and the gorilla is staring. need some chairs (+ audience)? sex1 is to be had -- it's ok,2 i'm not mad -- before love and understanding.

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Wow, think-make-think sold out in a hurry. Last prints I saw that sold out so quick were the Dorothy Alstrup photos - Untitled (Arika) and Untitled (Max).
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It's nice that the 8.5 x 11 is only $20, but why is the next size up $200?! I know it fits in with their whole '2' theme, but...

The $20 one is too small, and the 22 x 17 is too expensive...
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Definitely the sort of art site for first-time apartment dwellers, who suddenly realize that they need something better than the "two girls kissing" poster they had in their college dorm room.
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This is to art what fast-food is to cuisine.
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I'd say it's really more fast-casual. The stuff at Target is fast food.
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I really want the think-make-think print, oh well.
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Yeah, some of the pieces are definitely fun but the pricing is completely obnoxious.
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some of the artists' statements are pretty great too; i really liked this one:
I also remember things that I have never even experienced because they are a part of a childhood I was shown in movies. Looking back I have trouble separating the real from the imagined. I felt the natural range of human emotions in the face of actual occurrences of significance, but mainstream media influences could draw from me reactions of equal intensity. A duality developed, each half occupying the same importance in my emotional being, each half affected by the other. A relationship in my life would be intensified, understood, and confused by a song. A movie would shed light on an experience not yet had, providing hope and expectation. An experience would not live up to a movie, causing disappointment.
like i've been thinking about how people talk about their 'memories' of tv episodes and stuff (books, whatever) sometimes as if they were shared experiences; when/how does 'as if' become 'is'? is 'media' (by definition?) automatically a shared 'experience'? i know i should have read mcluhan :P

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