If it ain't Dutch dominos, it ain't much dominos.
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Where does the domino theory still apply? Why, Holland, of course, where a new record for most dominos toppled was just set, in their annual Domino Day. See the 2006 competition (and brush up on your Dutch) here: part 1 and part 2. No one can deny, the Dutch have a way with dominos.

You might like to check out the goings-on at Weijers Domino Productions, "The Number One Dominotainment Company in the World", and the people behind Domino Day.
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It seems surreal to me to see a modern Dutch crowd hoot and holler for dominoes falling around 1950s Americana memes.

When I was young my illusions of cool and ultra-steady domino setters were painfully crushed when I discovered that they left "fall break" spaces in their big setups to avoid premature collapse.
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Obviously, words are useless. . .
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That was very odd, and fun. They even have an ident for Domino Day!
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I thought this was about the impending Dutch housing crisis.
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Not *really* dominos though, are they? They've got no spots on them. It should technically be called Plastic Domino-sized Block Day, if you ask me.
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Heartless sparrow killing block knockers.
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Good thing there wasn't an incredibly bad dude like Takashi Kamiyama there.
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__ __ __ __ __ //|\\\|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

I give up.
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That sparrow-killing link is great, mandal, thanks. There's follow-up at Wikipedia; the shooter got a 200 euro fine "for illegally killing an animal belonging to a protected species" and the bird was stuffed and mounted at the Natuurhistorisch Museum in Rotterdam.
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