Capucine tells a captivating tale
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Once Upon a Time - a filmed fairy tale starring baby monkeys lost in frightening trees, a witch, crocodiles, a tiger, a "popotamus" and a lion, and even a "tremendously very bad mammoth." (In French, English subtitles)
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I just gathered the neighbors and my girlfriend all around to watch this and we have decided it's one of the most adorable things we've ever seen. Thanks!
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Saw this. deeply cute.
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Those incredible big brown eyes with yards of eyelashes. What a great story teller she is! I like the way she incorporates pretty much her entire, and really quite huge, vocabulary into one story, from chicken pox to orange rings, heaven, talons in such a wonderful, entertaining 4 minute epic.

"and the hippopotamus was allergic to magic". aww. A world blurred with kisses.

Hearing her delectable child's French reminded me of that wonderful film, Être et avoir (2002).

A charming Sunday night bonbon. Merci madamjujujive.
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Man I almost posted this instead of John Prine this afternoon.

I'm not a cute-loving person, it's more the awesome creativity of the ramble.

It's funny how a kid's story doesn't have any need for a plot, just they saw this and then there was a this other thing there. It's mostly a list of amazing fantastic exciting wonderful scary immense WORDS.
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Damn, this video is almost as good as her earlier Too much candy
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trop mignon.
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If that girl were in her fifties and drunk this video would be very different.
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Man I almost posted this instead of John Prine this afternoon.

Post John Prine telling this story, and I can assure you I'll never favourite a post more vigourously.
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I guess I shouldn't be so amazed, considering French is this girl's primary language and she started to learn about its intricacies early on, but "Des boîtes avec des ... des animaux" made me smile, She pieced that sentence together, and her brain figured out that the S in des needed to hitch a ride with the A in animaux.
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This was really great, thanks!
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Aww, that was beautiful.
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