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Monday Evening Flash Fun: Fold. Run. Jump. Bend gravity at your will. Looks easier than it really is.
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This rules!
posted by grobstein at 6:54 PM on November 17, 2008

The game is very cool, but the idea of having lives and game-overs in a puzzle game is lame. (Yes, I know there's a non-scoring "ghost" mode.)
posted by musicinmybrain at 7:04 PM on November 17, 2008 [1 favorite]

Yeah, I had some trouble learning how to place the anomalies (THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID) but just quit when I "died". It's already challenging enough figuring out how to solve the level. Getting "killed" is just annoying.
posted by DU at 7:10 PM on November 17, 2008

I quit for the same reason. I don't like that when I quit & return later I don't start where I left off. I mean, you could always have two pass level modes "died" & "ace", but replaying levels isn't fun if your not shoot for "ace".
posted by jeffburdges at 7:44 PM on November 17, 2008

I too was annoyed by the dying thing, but figured it was still a cool enough game to share.
posted by schyler523 at 7:46 PM on November 17, 2008

Question: did the dying annoy anoyone else?
posted by mrnutty at 7:57 PM on November 17, 2008

Dammit. I feel like this is a double.
posted by filmgeek at 8:44 PM on November 17, 2008

Filmgeek, I think it is too. In fact, I specifically remember somebody complaining about how you had to use both the spacebar and the mouse. I don't think it was called Fold at the time, though.
posted by stresstwig at 10:16 PM on November 17, 2008

Also, damned if I can find it.
posted by stresstwig at 10:17 PM on November 17, 2008

yikes. hard.
posted by dan g. at 10:22 PM on November 17, 2008

It's more enjoyable if you just play in ghost mode. It's not too many levels so you can play one difficulty in one sitting I guess.
posted by jeffburdges at 10:25 PM on November 17, 2008

Sort of double. It seems that the game author has two games with very similar gameplay mechanics, one called Fold and one called Manifold. I don't know what the differences are though; haven't had a chance to try Fold yet although I did play Manifold when I read about it in the blue. Maybe one is a sequel of the other?
posted by destrius at 12:58 AM on November 18, 2008

Somehow the name 'Manifold' just popped into my head suddenly a few hours after reading this post... my subconscious must be playing flash games while I'm trying to get my work done!
posted by destrius at 12:59 AM on November 18, 2008

From the developer's website:
Sometime around the end of September, I uploaded Manifold to Kongregate. A few people liked it, so I set about making an extended version, sponsored by Kongregate. But what to add? I only had a limited amount screen real estate to work with as the game was never designed to be a scroller. In fact, the game was never designed to be a lot of things. Most of my ideas new levels would have required a complete rewrite. My options were limited.

I settled on implementing moving hazards. The game already had stationary hazards (the cog pit on level 3 for example), and making them move didn’t seem too tricky. The new feature provided enough variety for another 20 levels. Greg at Kongregate suggested a new name for the larger game, and so Fold was uploaded.
posted by yeoz at 4:27 AM on November 18, 2008

Do you know what else looks easier than it is? Me.
Fun, thanks.
posted by seanmpuckett at 6:39 AM on November 18, 2008

neato. seriously neato.
posted by From Bklyn at 8:34 AM on November 18, 2008

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